The Dieticians of Canada designated March as Nutrition Month. At DGH, the Nutrition Club tries to instill nutrition information all year long through announcements, contests and games. However, in March we try to send out even more information. The Nutrition Club members are busy preparing posters to designate Nutrition Month. Other activities are still in the planning stages. It is rumoured that the Nutrition Bus will make a return appearance.

Nutrition Club would like to thank the Oakwood Lions Club for its generous cash donation of $250.00. The funds will be used for food and equipment purchases. Nutrition Club appreciates any donations, be they cash or food. (peanut free)

Thank you to Paula King, the parent who is responsible for most of the baking for Breakfast Club’s breakfast trays. She has been diligently studying for an on-line Safe Food Handlers course. Upon completion of the course, Mrs. King will be able to answer many questions in regard to handling food safely.

In the January 2012 on-line issue of Best Health here are some suggestions to help you with weight loss:

Eat regularly Skipping meals has a negative impact on your metabolism.

Reduce your portions One way to do this is to use a smaller plate, hence you will eat less.

Don’t rush meals Eat slowly because it takes your brain up to half an hour to register that you are full.

Purge your kitchen Throw out any food that’s a temptation. Be ruthless! Donate unopened food items to your local food bank.

Watch your calories Aim for 80% daily calories from foods recommended by Canada’s Food Guide

Thank you!!!
Mrs. DeGroote