Christmas Shop on Wednesday!

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The Christmas Shop is This Wednesday, December 17th

The DGH Christmas Shop is almost here!  In just a few days, the Christmas Shop will be taking place in the DGH gym.  There are a few critical pieces of information parents and students will want to know in advance.


In order to participate in the “shop,” students donate $2.  The $2 allows them to purchase gifts for family members.  There will be wrapping paper, tape and numerous volunteers to help wrap the gifts (Santa’s helpers are very helpful!).  A draw is held for the JK through to grade 3 classes to determine the order in which these classes visit the shop.  Once our primary students have all had a chance to visit the shop, the grade 4 to 8 students get a chance to visit and purchase items, as well.


For those who are new to the Christmas Shop – your son or daughter will love it!  It is a highlight of the year for many of our students!

DGH’s Voices Choir

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DGH’s Voices Choir Sounds Outstanding!

On Tuesday December 16th, Dr. George Hall’s Voices choir will be speading the Christmas cheer to many nursing homes in the Lindsay Area.  Accompanied by our Elvis impersonator, “Rob Moncrief,”  our Voices choir will be visiting Frost Manor, Caressant Care, Extendicare and Victoria Manor.  Voices will be performing songs such as “Do you want to build a snowman,” “Christmas prayer,” “Rudolph,” “Winter Wonderland” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”  The dedication and hard work of our choir has been amazing!  I feel very fortunate to have been giving the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of students this year at DGH.  The choir has been practising for almost 2 months (that is dedication!).

“One Choir, One Voice”

Ms. Evans


Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ Cookie Cafe Rescheduled to Monday, December 15th

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Cookie Cafe Rescheduled (Ms. McColl’s and Ms. Burns’ classes)

Due to today’s snow day, the Cookie Cafe has been rescheduled to Monday, December 15th at 2:15 p.m..  It will take place in the gym.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.  The Cookie Cafe looks to be a great event!  Aside from the cookies (always a good thing!), both classes have been hard at work on a number of dramatic presentations.


Both classes are accepting donations for the food bank and/or monetary donations for the school’s Christmas Families’ Programme.  Help us support others in the community.


Ms. Burns and Ms. McColl hope to see you there!


Welcome DGH’s Updated Husky Logo!

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Dr. George Hall Public School Officially Has a Logo of Its Own!

Thanks go to Ms. MacEachern, our school’s vice-principal, for organizing not only our recent clothing sale, but also for creating an “official” school logo for Dr. George Hall PS.  While DGH has had Husky logos in the past, we have not had an official logo that was specifically created for the school.  The company that looked after our clothing order had the computer software to generate logos – which is why we have our logo!


We think it looks great!  If you look carefully you will see the “DGH” drawn into the ears and forehead.

DGH Character Ed Assembly this Friday

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DGH Character Education Assembly is this Friday, December 12th


Location: DGH Gym


Time: 2:15 p.m.


Do not forget that DGH’s first Character Education Assembly of the year takes place this Friday.  A number of activities will be taking place during the assembly:


• presentations regarding Character Education by Mrs. Arscott’s/Ms. Horton’s JK/SK class and Ms. Graham’s grade 7 class,


• celebrating our soccer and cross-country teams’ efforts this year,


• unveiling a number of banners that DGH teams have won in the past several years,


• a guest speaker talking about character, and


perhaps Mr. Boudreault (Parent Council Co-Chair) and Mr. Parish being taped to the wall (if enough poinsettias were sold!).


Thanks go to Mrs. Arscott and Ms. Graham for organizing the assembly!

Wrapping Tape Still Needed for DGH Christmas Shop

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Thank you, DGH Community!

Mrs. Walden thanks the DGH Community for its generous support of the Christmas Shop!  Lots of items have been rolling into the school in the past few weeks.


One item that Mrs. Walden is short on is wrapping tape.  If you have a spare roll or two of wrapping tape at home, please send it to the school.  With the large number of students who participate in the Christmas Shop, Mrs. Walden needs lots and lots of tape!


As always, thank you for your support of the Christmas Shop!  Mrs. Walden is ready to rock (or, perhaps, should we say, “wrap!) for next Wednesday!  The Christmas Shop is always a huge hit for DGH’s students.

DGH Christmas Spirit Days

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Christmas Holidays Cannot Be Far Away…Because Christmas Spirit Days are Next Week!

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, Ms. Graham and the Student Leadership Team have organized Spirit days all next week!  Participating in these Spirit Days does not have to be expensive – a little creativity can go a long way!  We are giving lots of advance warning so that students and staff alike will have time to prepare.  Everyone is waiting to see what the dynamic duo (Ms. Starr and Mrs. Taylor) will come up.


Monday, December 15th – North Pole Day (this one is new to me – the challenge is to dress up as a North Pole or how you would imagine the North Pole to be!)


Tuesday, December 16th – Christmas Present Day – the challenge is out there to dress up as a Christmas Present


Wednesday, December 17th – Christmas Sweater Day – a favourite of many staff and students.  While you can certainly find classy Christmas sweaters, it is a lot more fun to find/create the most garish Christmas sweater possible!  Great creative!  Start designing!  Put it all together!


Thursday, December 18th – Red and Green Day – a classic and perfect way to head into the final day before Christmas holidays.  Break out as much red and green as possible to get into the Christmas spirit!  This is one day where red and green hair spray could be okay (but check with your parents first!).


Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, I am okay with giving Santa back THAT Pittsburgh Steelers sweater!

DGH Grade 1 to 3s Travel to IE Weldon on Wednesday!

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DGH Grade 1 to 3s Will See “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on Wednesday, December 10th

Our grade 1 to 3 students are excited!  Primary division staff have organized a visit to see IE Weldon’s student presentation of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  Lindsay’s 2 secondary schools (LCVI and IE Weldon) stage several large drama productions each year – with these student presentations being impressive, to say the least!


Thank you to the primary staff for organizing!  Thanks to IE Weldon for putting on the production and hosting local elementary schools.

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