EQAO Assessment Days for Our Grade 3s and 6s

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Along with the myriad of other things taking place at DGH in the next month and a bit, the upcoming EQAO assessment is an indication that the year’s end is rapidly approaching! The EQAO assessment window runs between Tuesday, May 21st and Monday, June 3rd. The days on which we have planned for students to write the assessment are listed below. Non-writing days are used as “catch-up” days for any students who have been away or missed writing a particular section.

We try to minimize disruptions on EQAO writing days. Grade 3s write in the 1st Block (9:00am to 10:40am) and grade 6s in the 2nd Block (11:25am to 1:05pm). Please avoid scheduling appointments at these times whenever possible.

EQAO Writing Days

Wednesday, May 22nd

Thursday, May 23rd

Friday, May 24th

Tuesday, May 28th

Wednesday, May 29th

Thursday, May 30th

EQAO “Catch-Up” Days

Monday, May 27th

Friday, May 31st

Monday, June 3rd

Victoria Day Holiday this Monday, May 20th

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The DGH staff wishes our school community a safe and enjoyable Victoria Day long weekend. We hope everyone has some extra time for family. Monday, May 20th is the holiday; students will be back in school on Tuesday, May 21st. Keep the fingers crossed for decent weather!

DGH’s Track and Field Days RESCHEDULED to Thursday, May 16th and Friday, May 17th

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DGH community, due to the rain on Monday, along with the anticipated rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, we have made the decision to reschedule our Track and Field Days to Thursday, May 16th and Friday, May 17th. The majority of events will take place on Thursday (beginning with track events and then moving onto field events). Any remaining events (normally the finals of some races) will be completed during the 3rd Block on Friday. A reminder that our Track and Field Days are for students in grades 3 through 8. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this rescheduling.

Grade 7 Immunization Needles on Friday, May 17th

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Our grade 7 students will be receiving their next set of needles this Friday, May 17th. Students will receive their Hep B and HPV needles. This will take place right after announcements. Thank you to our local Health Unit for providing this invaluable service.

DGH Track and Field Days Are May 15th and 16th

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Don’t forget, DGH community, that this Wednesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 16th are DGH’s Track and Field days! Track events will take place in the first half of May 15th; field events will take place in the 2nd half of May 15th. Track “finals” will likely take place on the morning of May 16th, along with any Field events that were not completed. Be sure to pack lots of water, lots of food, sunblock, a hat and comfortable clothing. We are looking forward to the day! Freezies will be on sale – $1 each. Parents and family members are welcome to watch. Please sign-in at the office. A reminder that pets are not allowed on school property during events like Track and Field.


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Another sure sign that the school year’s end is approaching? Our grade 8s completing clay creations! Mrs. Read returned to help Mrs. Hamer with the process (thank you, Mrs. Read!). Check out a few photos of the day. Creations will be fired soon. We have some seriously talented and creative artists!

DGH’s Book Fair Continues This Week!

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A reminder that Mrs. Starr has organized a Book Fair for this week (May 6th to 10th). The Book Fair will be open in the morning recess for primary students and open during the afternoon recess for junior and intermediate students. As always, all profits from the Book Fair will be used to purchase additional books for the Library. Thank you for your support!

DGH’s Grade 4 to 8 Track and Field Days are May 15th and 16th!

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Ms. Graham is happy to announce that our Track and Field Days for our grades 4 to 8 students are Wednesday, May 15th and Thursday, May 16th. As always, these dates are weather dependent, so please keep the fingers crossed for sunshine (or at least no rain and thunderstorms!). Ms. Graham LOVES Track and Field Days – so these are wonderful days for her!

Important Information (Current as of Tuesday, May 7th – But Subject to Change)

Wednesday, May 15th – Track events in the morning and Field events in the afternoon

Thursday, May 16th (normally only a partial day) will be the “finals” for some of the Track events and any Field events that have not been finished (Field events usually are finished on the first day)

Students Should Bring
– lots of water to stay hydrated for the day
– lots of food and snacks (since students will be active for the day!)
– sunblock (students will be out for much of the day and WILL burn no matter how much they think they will tan!)
– a hat is generally a great idea (not only reduces the chance of a sunburn, but also helps with avoiding sunstroke if it is a hot and sunny day)
– comfortable clothing in which to be physically active; you may want to consider layers as the mornings are often cool
Please Be Aware
– students will NOT be allowed to bring technology outside (e.g., phones or tablets)
– while students will be allowed to bring out blankets to sit on, if blankets becomes an issue, blankets will be sent inside
– while we want students to have water bottles outside, if they become an issue (e.g., students spraying water around), the student(s) will have to leave it inside
– if not participating in a Track event, students will be expected to sit either on the inside of the track or on the hillside (depending on where we are starting the races from)
– that while we encourage positive encouragement; negative comments, along with screaming and yelling, is not okay

DGH’s Husky Hoppers Win All 4 Skipping Divisions!

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Congratulations to the DGH Skipping Team (Husky Hoppers) who swept all 4 Skipping Divisions at the CKL Skipping Competition last Thursday, May 2nd (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Open)! The only way to win a division is by having a number of students place highly, so our students’ overall performance was outstanding. Any number of our students achieved personal bests. Most importantly, our students were amazing representatives of our school, their team, and their coaches. Thank you, Ms. Arscott and Ms. Horton, for the countless hours spent coaching. Thank you, Skipping Team, for the many, many hours spent practising. It certainly paid off! Students who placed in the Top 10 of a category are noted below. Below this list are photos from the day.

Speed Rope – Primary8th – Ryker S
9th – Maddisen K
Speed Rope – Intermediate2nd – Tera F
Speed Rope – Open1st – Maia H
2nd – Brooklyn D
9th – Ashley F
10th – Caitlyn G
Speed Rope Team – Primary1st – Maddie S, Alana F, Ashley W, Isabella L
Speed Rope Team – Junior1st – Brooke W, Bobbie G, Jack T, Danika Mc
3rd – Callie G, Lucas W, Hunter W
Speed Rope Team – Intermediate1st – Callie G, Alanna L, Keira R, Emma H
Speed Rope Team – Open1st – Brynn D, Caitlyn G, Brooklyn D, Maia H
Masters Speed Rope – Primary1st – Isabella L
Masters Speed Rope – Junior5th – Katie W
Masters Speed Rope – Intermediate1st – Emma H
4th – Keira R
Masters Speed Rope – Open2nd – Brynn D
Double Under – Primary3rd – Ava S
5th – Ashley W
6th – Alana F
10 – Maddisen K
Double Under – Junior2nd – Danika Mc
4th – Jack T
7th – Brooke W
Double Under – Intermediate3rd – Jayden L
Double Under – Open1st – Keira W
5th – Laney D
Double Under Team – Primary1st – Mackenzie D, Kennedy L, Maddie S, Alana F
Double Under Team – Junior1st – Katie W, Kyla F, Jack T, Danika Mc
Double Under Team – Intermediate1st – Callie G, Jayden L, Alanna L, Emma H
Double Under Team – Open1st – Caitlyn G, Brooklyn D, Laney D, Keira W
Masters Double Under – Primary7th – Kennedy L
Masters Double Under – Junior1st – Kyla F
Masters Double Under – Intermediate3rd – Alanna L
Masters Double Under – Open5th – Laney D
Double Dutch Speed – Primary1st – Kennedy L
Double Dutch Speed – Junior1st – Katie W, Kyla F, Kaitlyn R
Double Dutch Speed – Intermediate1st – Callie G, Jayden L, Keira R
Double Dutch Speed – Open1st – Ashley F, Brynn D, Keira W
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