Happy Easter!

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I hope the Easter Bunny visited those homes who wished it to today! While the Parish kids are now quite a bit older than DGH’s students, the Easter Bunny STILL visited our house this morning. Well, who is kidding who, the Easter Bunny also left something for me too (it is Mr. Parish writing this post!).

Break Out The Blue Today, DGH! We Recognize World Autism Day!

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DGH community, be sure to wear your blue today! We recognize World Autism Day today.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Autism Speaks website.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum are affected by sensory issues. Individuals can be hyper-sensitive (over sensitive) or hype-sensitive (under sensitive). Some of the most common sensitivities include sights, sounds, tastes, touch, balance and body balance.

For example, someone with autism might find a smell incredibly overwhelming, while you barely notice it. The degree and type of sensory impact is unique to each individual and it is important (not to mention helpful) to recognize this reality.

Interested in learning more about sensory impacts? Check out this video on the Autism Speaks website which has won multiple awards.

Easter Treat Bag For DGH Students – Thank You, Ms. Starr!

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Ms. Starr has been up to her usual crafty ways and has created a small Easter treat bag for each of our students. Each treat bag will have been quarantined for at least 72 hours before being handed out on Thursday. In a year where we have not been able to do many of our normal routines, Ms. Starr wanted to do something at least a little fun for our students. Any edible treats in the bags will be peanut and tree nut safe. Thank you, Ms. Starr!

Wear Blue on Thursday, April 1 – DGH Recognizes World Autism Day!

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Check out the Autism Speaks website to learn more about autism. People with autism often suffer from other medical and mental health conditions. Roughly 30 to 60 percent of individuals diagnosed with autism will also be diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder). Anxiety will affect between 10 and 40 percent of autistic people, and epilepsy up to another one-third.

Knowing more about the challenges of autism certainly gives one greater appreciation of the autism’s impact. Take just a few minutes today to learn more.

Easter Holiday This Friday (April 2) and Monday (April 5)

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A reminder, DGH community, that this Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5 are school holidays for Easter. I hope that the Easter Bunny visits the homes of any families who wish it to do so. The Parish household DEFINITELY wants the Easter Bunny to visit as we have a great love of chocolate and Easter goodies. I hope that our families have some additional time to spend with one another (not that most families haven’t been spending a lot of time with one another lately!). Hopefully this is the last major holiday before Covid-19 restrictions and routines are reduced in a significant way, and that different households will be able to gather togeher!

Wear Blue This Thursday, April 1 – DGH Recognizes World Autism Day

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Break out the blue this Thursday, April 1, DGH community! DGH recognizes World Autism Day this Thursday.

A great place to learn more about autism? Start with Autism Speaks Canada. You can also check out this YouTube video on the Autism Speaks Canada website. It is a great video!

This website explains that autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a range of conditions which include challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, and speech and non-verbal communication. It is now believed that there is no single cause of autism. Rather, there are a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

DGH Recognizes World Autism Day This Thursday, April 1 – Wear Blue!

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As we have for the past several years, DGH will recognize World Autism Day this year. We ask that our DGH community wear blue this Thursday, April 1 to show their recognition of the day and of autism. Also as we have done in the past, we will provide information about autism on our website and announcements each day this week.

Interested in learning more about autism? One place to start would be Autism Speaks Canada.

A 2018 report by the National Autism Spectrum Disorder Surveillance System found that 1 in 66 children in Canada have autism. Autism is more prevalent in boys (1 in 42 boys, as opposed to 1 in 189 girls). Given the prevalence of autism in Canada (and around the world), it is always worthwhile to learn more.

Dressed For The Weather!

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As you know, DGH community, I have communicated out (it’s Mr. Parish writing this post) a few times regarding students dressing for the weather. Unless it is raining hard, we are likely to go outside at recesses so our custodians can clean rooms.

Well – this staff member has clearly taken the message to heart! The rainsuit looks like it would be impervious to anything up to and including hurricane force rainfalls and the bright orange certainly makes a statement. The rubber boots make the staff member impervious to puddles a foot deep or so too. Finally, the safety vest adds to the overall visibility. Mr. Fournier, who was on the opposite yard and about as far away as he could be, had NO difficulty seeing this staff member from a distance (although he could not determine WHO was in the rainsuit!).

We anxiously await to see our other staff members’ rain garb!

Purple Day This Friday, March 26 – Wear Purple

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DGH community, this is a new day for our school to recognize! This Friday, March 26 is Purple Day. People are encouraged to wear purple in order to raise awareness of epilepsy and its impact on people around the world. All this week, our students will be directed to the Purple Day website to learn about epilepsy. Interested in learning more? Check out the website and break out your purple on Friday.

Wear Mismatched Socks Today – DGH Recognizes World Down Syndrome Day

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I hope everyone in the DGH community has their mismatched socks ready for today! DGH recognizes World Down Syndrome Day today (the official day is Sunday, March 21).

Want to learn more? Check out personal stories of people with Down Syndrome from around the world. The stories are incredible, as are the diversity in experiences.

Want to learn more just generally? Check out the World Down Syndrome Day website, or search “World Down Syndrome Day” to find several outstanding websites from around the world.

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