Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny visited those homes who wished it to today! While the Parish kids are now quite a bit older than DGH’s students, the Easter Bunny STILL visited our house this morning. Well, who is kidding who, the Easter Bunny also left something for me too (it is Mr. Parish writing this post!).

Break Out The Blue Today, DGH! We Recognize World Autism Day!

DGH community, be sure to wear your blue today! We recognize World Autism Day today.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Autism Speaks website.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum are affected by sensory issues. Individuals can be hyper-sensitive (over sensitive) or hype-sensitive (under sensitive). Some of the most common sensitivities include sights, sounds, tastes, touch, balance and body balance.

For example, someone with autism might find a smell incredibly overwhelming, while you barely notice it. The degree and type of sensory impact is unique to each individual and it is important (not to mention helpful) to recognize this reality.

Interested in learning more about sensory impacts? Check out this video on the Autism Speaks website which has won multiple awards.