St. Patrick’s Day On March 17 – Wear Green!

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This year is a rarity with St. Patrick’s Day landing on a school day! This is a day where you can show your Irish pride or love for the Irish. We are asking our students to wear green on Wednesday, March 17 to show school spirit and celebrate the day. Huskies, make our school a great place to be on St. Patrick’s Day!

World Down Syndrome Day On March 19 – Wear Mismatched Socks

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Remember to break out your mismatched socks for this Friday, March 19 – when DGH will recognize World Down Syndrome Day.

I would encourage our Huskies’ community to check out the World Down Syndrome website.

The website encourages people to remember that Down Syndrome does not define the person. Do not identify people first by their disability. People “have” Down Syndrome, but they do not “suffer” from it, nor are they are “afflicted” by it.

Dress For The Weather, Please!

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DGH community, a reminder that unless the weather is particularly bad, we will be going outside for recesses. This gives our custodians the opportunity and time to get into classrooms to clean and sanitize over the course of the day. As the weather continues to improve (hopefully!), we will likely have many days with rain. Unless it is raining especially hard, we will be headed outside. If at all possible, please send your child with a raincoat or umbrella. Also, our yards are definitely on the wet side currently. If your child has rubber boots or waterproof boots, it would be a good idea to send boots in with them.

Wear Mismatched Socks On March 19 For World Down Syndrome Day!

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Huskies, we are asking you to wear mismatched socks this Friday, March 19 to recognize World Down Syndrome Day. You can learn more about the day by clicking on the link below or pasting it into your browser.

World Down Syndrome Day website.

The official day is Sunday, March 21; however, we won’t be in school that day, so we are recognizing this day on the Friday before. Why is March 21 chosen for this day? Because it calls attention to the triplication of the 21st chromosome which causes Down Syndrome. Information regarding Down Syndrome will be posted to our website each day this week.

Break Out The Green For St. Patrick’s Day On March 17!

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St. Patrick’s Day almost always happens while our schools are on our March Break; however, with the March Break being pushed back into April (I suppose we will call it the “April Break”?), we will be able to recognize it this year! So, next Wednesday, March 17, we are asking our students to wear as much green as they can to show their school spirit. In the past year there has not been much to celebrate, so we will take our small celebrations where we can!

Huskies, let’s make DGH a sea of green on March 17!

Crazy Outfit Day – Spirit Day – Friday, March 5!

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Show your creativity this Friday, March 5, Huskies! This Friday is our next Spirit Day: Crazy Outfit Day. Really, the sky is the limit with this one. While you might go with the standard crazy colours and clothing, there might well be other creative ways to approach the day. Show your school spirit, Huskies, and make it happen!

Friday, March 5 – Crazy Outfit Day – Spirit Day!

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Let’s be honest, Huskies. March is a tough month as winter is still holding on and spring is still just a bit too far away. So, what better way to bring some joy than with a Spirit Day! This Friday, March 5 is our Crazy Outfit Day! This is one of those Spirit Days where our students’ creativity can be let loose. Crazy clothing. Crazy colours. Or maybe crazy clothing AND crazy colours! Whatever you choose to do, Huskies, let’s make DGH a great place to be this Friday!

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