DGH Recognizes World Autism Day This Thursday, April 1 – Wear Blue!

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As we have for the past several years, DGH will recognize World Autism Day this year. We ask that our DGH community wear blue this Thursday, April 1 to show their recognition of the day and of autism. Also as we have done in the past, we will provide information about autism on our website and announcements each day this week.

Interested in learning more about autism? One place to start would be Autism Speaks Canada.

A 2018 report by the National Autism Spectrum Disorder Surveillance System found that 1 in 66 children in Canada have autism. Autism is more prevalent in boys (1 in 42 boys, as opposed to 1 in 189 girls). Given the prevalence of autism in Canada (and around the world), it is always worthwhile to learn more.