Dressed For The Weather!

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As you know, DGH community, I have communicated out (it’s Mr. Parish writing this post) a few times regarding students dressing for the weather. Unless it is raining hard, we are likely to go outside at recesses so our custodians can clean rooms.

Well – this staff member has clearly taken the message to heart! The rainsuit looks like it would be impervious to anything up to and including hurricane force rainfalls and the bright orange certainly makes a statement. The rubber boots make the staff member impervious to puddles a foot deep or so too. Finally, the safety vest adds to the overall visibility. Mr. Fournier, who was on the opposite yard and about as far away as he could be, had NO difficulty seeing this staff member from a distance (although he could not determine WHO was in the rainsuit!).

We anxiously await to see our other staff members’ rain garb!