DGH Recognizes World Down Syndrome Day On Friday, March 19 – Wear Mismatched Socks

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All this week, Huskies, we have been posting information about Down Syndrome links to World Down Syndrome websites and providing information too. World Down Syndrome Day is officially Sunday, March 21; however, DGH will recognize the day on Friday, March 19. How to recognize the day? Wear mismatched socks – which has become the principal way to show your recognition of the day and your desire to learn more about Down Syndrome.

I would encourage all members of our community to check out the World Down Syndrome website to learn more.

I would further encourage members of our community to check out the Canadian Down Syndrome website which has an amazing video in which people with Down Syndrome answers questions about Down Syndrome. There is no better place to start learning more than with this website and its videos.

Huskies, let’s make DGH a sea of mismatched socks tomorrow, Friday, March 19!