Thank You, Mr. Starling! Some New Library Shelving!

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Why is Ms. Starr so happy? Well, for those who know Ms. Starr, you know that she LOVES books and the DGH library. She had finally hit the stage where she was running out of shelving space (and the existing set up was not the most efficient). Mr. Starling, one of the TLDSB’s carpenters, built these fabulous shelves – which perfectly matched Ms. Starr’s needs. Mr. Starling fixes and repairs just about anything that involves carpentry and has also built a number of things around our school. We certainly appreciate all that he has done for our school over the years. Ms. Starr is already busy filling the shelving with books she was not previously able to display! Thank you to both of you!

Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 24

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DGH will again recognize Pink Shirt Day next Wednesday, February 24. We encourage all of our students to wear a pink shirt or something with pink if they can. The purpose of the day is to encourage anti-bullying initiatives. Another goal for the day is foster self-esteem in students. Interested in learning more? Click here. Or, you can past the link below into your browser:

Report Cards Sent Out Tomorrow (February 19)

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A reminder, DGH community, that Report Cards will be sent out electronically via email at some point tomorrow afternoon (Friday, February 19) – likely towards the school day’s end. As noted in an earlier post, there is no precise time for when you will receive your child’s report card. In part, it will be dependent on how fast the system processes the thousands of Report Cards being sent out during the day. You may receive the Report Card almost immediately, or it may take time to reach you. The TLDSB knows the system has not been perfect in previous distributions, and has been diligently improving the effectiveness of the system.

Report cards are password protected. You will need to enter your child’s date of birth in the format of mm/dd/yyyy for the password. A student born on April 8, 2014 would have the password of 04/08/2014.

Thank you, Mrs. Starr, For The Valentine Treat Bags!

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While the thank you is a few days after the fact, the thought remains the same! Thanks go to Mrs. Starr for putting together a treat bag for each student for Valentines last week. In a year that makes it difficult to do so many of our normal things, Mrs. Starr wanted to do something special for our students. Going with a red or pink theme whenever possible, Mrs. Starr was rather excited about putting together a bag for every student in the school!

Kindergarten Registration Is Still Happening!

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It is not too late to register your child for Junior Kindergarten for September 2021! If your child is turning four in September 2021, then you can register for Junior Kindergarten. Simply click below to be taken to the TLDSB Kindergarten Registration page or paste the URL below into your browser.

Registering your child will provide us with your contact information, which will allow us to keep you informed of happenings as the start of September approaches. It also gives us a better sense of how many Junior Kindergarten students DGH is likely to have for the 2021-2022 school year.

Got questions? Call our school at 705-786-1915 and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.

First Term Report Cards Sent Out On Friday, February 19

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First Term Report Cards will be sent out electronically at some point during the day on Friday, February 19. As with Report Cards in June 2020 and Progress Reports in November 2020, this set of Report Cards will be sent out via secure email. The TLDSB continues to refine and improve the system for sending out Report Cards via email, so hopefully the process will be that much smoother this time around. There is no set time for when Report Cards will go out (how the system processes Report Cards will have some impact on timing).

International Random Acts of Kindness Day – Wednesday, February 17

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DGH community, next Wednesday, February 17 is the International Random Acts of Kindness Day. If there was ever a year where this was appropriate and needed – this is it! We are going to encourage our students to do at least Random Act of Kindness each day next week (February 15 to 19). The act can be a small one, but many small random acts of kindness help contribute to a better class, school and community. Something as simple as holding a door for someone or taking a moment to check in on how they are doing can make a difference in a person’s day.

Final Reminder – Grade 9 LCVI Course Selections Due Into Online System By February 26

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Do not forget, Grade 8 families, that your child’s course selections for LCVI are due into the online system by Friday, February 26. Relevant documents and information were sent out via SchoolMessenger email on January 14.

Should you have any questions, please touch base with your child’s homeroom teacher or LCVI (you will want to speak with Ms. Naylor).