DGH Holiday Video Information

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DGH community, on behalf of our school’s staff, I wanted to let everyone know that we are hoping to put together a holiday video which will be released on Friday, December 18.  Due to Covid-19, individual classes (and our school) will be unable to have parents and family members in to view any kind of craft, song or dance that we would normally do at this time of the year.

Instead, our goal is to bring this activity to you!  Many of our classes will be creating a performance which will be recorded.  All of the participating classes’ performances will be put together into a video which will be released to our community.

Please be aware that the video will be posted out to social media (e.g., potentially YouTube, a link off of our school’s social media accounts, and/or perhaps other public sharing methods).  There is simply no way to share this video with just DGH families and not have it viewable by anyone else (i.e., the rest of the world).  

Your child’s teacher may have already let you know this information.  As well, your child’s teacher may have also let you know that in order for your child(ren) to participate in the video which  will be posted, they will require the “pictures/video posted on social media” permission to be provided.  The majority of our students do have this permission (it was provided when you registered your child for the TLDSB).  However, some families have not given this permission (which is your family’s decision) and we respect this decision.  Your child’s teacher may well reach out to these families to determine if you would like your child to participate in the video which will be posted (again, we will not pressure you to give your child permission to participate).

If you do not want your child to be recorded for the holiday video which will be posted to the internet (meaning: however the video is posted to the internet so our families can view it), they will participate in all of the practices leading up to the recording.

Our staff are excited about offering this opportunity to our students and families!  

Little Britain Thrift Shop – Special Times for DGH Families

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Huskies, the Little Britain Thrift Shop is open on 2 special dates and times for DGH families:

• Thursday, December 3 between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm

• Saturday, December 5 between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm

Thank you, Little Britain Thrift Shop, for helping to fill the void as our school is unable to run its Christmas Shop this year due to Covid-19. Should you require additional information, please contact the DGH Office at 705-786-1915 and we can put you into contact with the Thrift Shop’s volunteers.

Neon Spirit Day This Friday, November 27

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Every fashion trend looks a bit sketchy after a few years have passed. Neon definitely fits that category! For a year or two in the 1980s and 1990s, neon was THE trend, and a pretty questionable one at that!

But, our students love the bright colours that come with this spirit day. Break out the bright and colourful clothing for sure, but I am betting that at least some of our students will also either wear a wickedly bright wig or even colour their hair (at least a few students do that each year!).

As winter clutches begin to approach, let’s lighten and brighten the mood at DGH!

DGH’s Christmas Families Programme

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DGH community, please find attached the letter for our Student Council’s annual Christmas Families Programme. You likely know that each year our school supports a number of families in need of support to make their Christmas a special one. This is a wonderful DGH tradition and one that has supported many local families in past years.

All information regarding the programme is contained in the letter.

Truly, any support you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated and incredibly helpful. Even a small donation helps to make a difference.

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to reach out to our school office at 705-786-1915.

PA Day This Friday, November 20

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This Friday, November 20 is a PA Day for our students. Huskies, enjoy your long weekend; we will see you back at school on Monday, November 23. As always, take some time, if you can, on this day to get outside and be active.

Neon Spirit Day on Friday, November 27!

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DGH community, one of our students’ favourite Spirit Day happens NEXT Friday, November 27: Neon Day!

Why? What really speaks better of certain years in the 1980s and 1990s than neon colours? Whether it was incredibly bright and neon clothing or practically neon coloured hair, some years in these decades rank as the “brightest” of all times. Over the years at DGH, students have definitely raided their parents’ closets to pull out some blasts from the past.

The more neon, the better, frankly. Start searching for the neon, students!

DGH Clothing Order

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Mrs. Starr and Ontario Graphics Solutions have once again put together a selection of clothing items with the DGH logo which are available for purchase.  Due to Covid-19, all orders must be placed directly with Ontario Graphics Solutions.  There is an option for items to be delivered directly to homes (cost is $9), or, for no cost, items can be delivered to the school.  Items delivered in this manner will come in individual bags and will be “quarantined” at the school for 72 hours before being sent home with students or for parents to come and pick up (if the item is being ordered as a Christmas gift).

Click here for a link to the Ontario Graphics Solutions website, or paste this url into your web browser: https://ontario-graphics.myshopify.com/collections/dr-george-hall-p-s

Key Information

Orders must be placed by November 29th (at the latest) for the items to arrive in sufficient time before the Christmas Break.

Orders are placed directly on the Ontario Graphics Solutions website.  

Items that are shipped to the school will be quarantined for 72 hours before being given out.

Thank you, Mrs. Starr!

Use of Clothing Racks and Lockers at DGH

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The purpose of this email is to provide an update with how outdoor/winter gear will be managed at school as winter fast approaches.

The Health Unit and TLDSB have given permission for the racks outside of classrooms (which would be the classrooms in the Primary end) to be used to store outdoor/winter gear during the school day.  This has already been implemented.

For our Junior and Intermediate classes (which all have lockers), a hook is going to be placed on the outside of each locker (it is the style of hook like you might have in your house that hangs over a closet door).  Junior and Intermediate students will be able to hang their outdoor gear (e.g., coat and snow pants) on this hook.  Winter outdoor footwear will be placed at the base of each students’ locker when students are in class and will go home with students at the day’s end.  

We are not permitted to use the inside of lockers, which is why we are using the above system.

We are doing our best to have Primary students spaced when going to their assigned rack outside of the classroom (and, soon, lockers for Junior and Intermediate students).  

Indoor shoes are now permitted to remain at school.  Primary students will leave them on the racks outside of their classrooms.  Mrs. Starr (thank you, Mrs. Starr!) has procured enough plastic bags (grocery style) for all Junior and Intermediate students to put their indoor shoes in at the day’s end and hang off of their locker’s hook.  When/if the bag rips, students can bring in a bag to hang off of the hook.

If at all possible, please provide your child(ren) with both outdoor footwear and indoor shoes (which are suitable for Gym class).  Our preference would be for all students to have winter boots (but, as a parent with 2 teenage children, I know it is not always the easiest to get older students to wear winter boots!).  If that is not possible, then a student having a separate pair of indoor and outdoor shoes would be appreciated.  We do not want students wearing running shoes in the Gym that they have also worn outside as it will make the Gym slippery and unsafe, and the sand from outside destroys the Gym floor.

PA Day This Friday, November 20

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A reminder that this Friday, November 20 is a PA Day, DGH community. We hope that many of our students have a little extra to sleep in and a little extra time to spend with their family.

Pajama Spirit Day This Friday, November 13

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A final remember, DGH community, that tomorrow is our first Spirit Day of the year: Pajama Day! In a year where we cannot do many of our usual routines, this is one activity that we can continue!

Mr. Eagleson, being the avid golfer that he is, will likely wear pajamas with something to do with golf on them. Given her passion for cheerleading, we wonder if Ms. Arscott’s pajamas will have a cheerleading theme. Finally, Mrs. Sutherland is loves to snowmobile, so we are betting that her pajamas will have snowmobiles on them!

Huskies we are looking forward to seeing a sea of pajamas tomorrow! Make it happen!

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