Clarification Around Students Who Have Had a Covid Test and are Awaiting Results

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DGH community, there has been some confusion around what happens when a student has had a Covid test and is waiting for the results. I spoke with a Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge Health Unit nurse who reaffirmed that a student who has had a Covid test must stay at home and not come to school until the results have come through. Once the results have come through, the family can then let the school know the results. While the school does not require a physical copy of the test results for a student to return, many parents do provide a physical copy – which we appreciate. As always, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

As always, use the Ontario Covid Screening Tool located here to screen your children daily before coming to school and to guide you in decision making.

The purpose of this post is not to discourage families from getting a Covid test if the screening tool and/or your health care practitioner suggests it. Rather, this post’s purpose was to have everyone “on the same page.”