Inclement Weather – If Not Raining Too Hard, Students Will Go Outside For Recess

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DGH community, I wanted to let our families know that this Fall our students will be going outside for recess when it is not raining too hard. One of the reasons for this is that it allows our custodians time to get into classrooms to clean and disinfect. Our custodians try to get into classrooms at least once a day (while students are physically at school) to clean and disinfect rooms. As well, it does give students a longer opportunity to physically distance and take their masks off.

Students are encouraged to bring an umbrella, waterproof coat, appropriate footwear and perhaps a change of clothing. I recognize that this is not ideal in that students do not have a cubby space or locker to store all of this gear (it has to go back and forth with them each day), but this is certainly a year where little is usual or routine.

To be honest, many of our students will likely be happy to hear this. As the person (it is Mr. Parish writing this post) who most often call for an “indoor recess”, I am also the person who the students most often complain to! And, to be further honest, unless it is raining hard, I would generally prefer to be outside too!