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Based on what I have seen on the days at which students have been at school, students have largely been doing a great job with wearing masks.  The DGH staff truly appreciate all the effort that parents and guardians have put into preparing their kids to wear masks at school (especially our younger students).  While I know much of this information has been communicated previously, I want to continue reinforcing certain messaging.  So much of school (in a regular year) is about routines); in a year such as this, it is even more so the case.  We know that once students fall into the routine of doing certain things, this routine will be followed for as long as required.

Students are to wear masks:

– while on the bus

– anytime they are in the school, unless they are eating or taking a drink

– outside on the yard/tarmac if they are less than 6 feet apart from another student

As well, please continue to reinforce with your child(ren) the importance of keeping their hands to themselves.  Again, overall our students have been very good about this, but these are kids after all and they are going to forget at times.  So, the more reminders and discussions about this the better! 

As noted above, I (on behalf of the DGH staff) thank our community for being so pro-active on encouraging their kids to follow these routines.  I would also thank our students who are largely doing an outstanding job too!