Please Complete Health Assessment Each Day Prior To Your Child(ren) Coming To School

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As I did last week, I will continue to send out occasional emails regarding key information from the TLDSB’s Return To School plan.  The plan should have been sent to you via a central TLDSB email, but I am including a link to the website where the most up to date Return To School plan should be located.  The link is below:

(if the link doesn’t work when you click on it, just copy the link into your browser and it should take you there).

One key from the document is the importance of completing a health assessment on your child(ren) prior to sending them to school each day (whether they are taking the bus, they walk, or you are dropping them off at school).  I cannot stress enough the importance of completing this health assessment prior to school each day.  If your child is showing any Covid-19 like symptoms they are not allowed to be school.  The symptoms and the health assessment are located on page 16 of the Return to School plan.  The parent/guardian will be called immediately of any student who shows any Covid-19 like symptoms.  A student showing symptoms will be immediately removed to a designated health room until someone is able to pick the student up.  Please refer to page 12 of the Return To School plan for the TLDSB’s specific messaging around this.   

We ask all of our families to have a back up plan in place for an adult to pick their child(ren) up in this situation.  Many families have parents and guardians who work a considerable distance from the school or who have jobs that are difficult to leave on short notice.  If this is the case, please have back up plans (multiple people, likely) for other adults who would be able to pick up a student who needs to go home.  A student showing symptoms will not be allowed to ride the bus. 

Please know that our goal is to keep our students and staff as safe as possible working within our Return To School plan and our local health unit’s direction.