It’s Great To Have Students At DGH Again!

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With 2 days down in our Return To School plan, one thing I can definitely say (on behalf of the DGH staff) is that it is WONDERFUL to have students back in our school! While we knew that we missed our students over the past 6 months, this was truly hammered home when we saw our first students stepping off the bus on Tuesday. The smiles on their faces were matched only by the smiles on our faces.

Walking into a classroom and finally see students sitting at their desks was certainly a great sight to see!

While there will be lots posted to our website and Facebook page in the next days and weeks, I wanted to start off these posts with this short message of positivity and thanks. Whether we have your child for in person learning at school or if your child is learning online at home – thanks for following along with the messaging that has been taking place AND thanks for the many conversations we have had between school and home. Also, thank you for supporting us in all of our plans moving forward. Thanks go out to the DGH custodial team who have worked incredibly hard over the summer and especially in the last few weeks before school started to get all the necessary logistical pieces in place. This was no small accomplishment. Thanks go out to the DGH staff who have worked through so many logistical and educational pieces in the past couple of weeks in preparation for finally having students back. Many hours have been spent in rethinking what education looks like in an ongoing pandemic world.

2 more days this week brings 2 new groups of students for us to see and work with! Now – if we could do something about the rain and grey weather….