Digital Versions Of Report Cards This Year – Will Be Sent Out June 30!

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DGH community, the TLDSB is taking a huge step forward in how report cards will be distributed this June and going forward. Due to school closures and the limited ability for staff to be in the building and working in close quarters, the TLDSB is implementing a system in which a digital/electronic report card will be emailed to parents on June 30.

The attached letter below provides information on how you can access your child’s report card when it is emailed on June 30. Below the attached letter is a second document which provides instructions on how to sign up for SchoolMessenger and/or modify your permissions in the program. SchoolMessenger is the system we use to email our DGH families.

The TLDSB put significant thought into creating a safe and secure system for families to access their child’s report card. Your child’s report card will be emailed directly to parents and/or guardians. You will use your child’s date of birth in the format of mm/dd/year (e.g., June 18, 2020 would be written as 06/18/2020).

We expect that most families will not require a paper version of the report card. However, we know that some families will require a paper version; if this is the case, please let Mrs. Taylor or Ms. Starr know by calling the school.