Grade 8 Families – Please Send Baby Picture To Homeroom Teacher For “Baby To Graduate” Slideshow

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Grade 8 families, while we are still in the process of determining precisely what our Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony will look like, we DO know that we will need a baby photo of all of our soon to be graduates. We would appreciate you sending in a baby photo of your daughter or son to your child’s homeroom teacher. The easiest ways to do this will be by emailing a copy of the photo to the teacher, or having your child share the copy of the photo with their teacher through Google Classroom.

Many families may have a digital photo of their daughter or son – which makes sharing extremely easy! Others may have a physical picture, but can scan it on a home scanner – which also makes it easy to send in to your child’s teacher. Or, you can take a photo with your phone’s camera and send it in that way.

The sooner you can send in the photo the better. It does take time to compile all of the photos and put the presentation together. We appreciate your help in continuing this DGH graduation tradition!