Grade 8 Families – Your Input On Grade 8 Graduation Is Requested

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Good Morning Grade 8 Families,

Note: a SchoolMessenger email was sent to our grade 8 families earlier this morning. This post contains the same information and the same link to the Google Form. If you received the SchoolMessenger email and completed the Google Form already, you can ignore this post.

As you know, grade 8 June graduations (in person graduations) have been cancelled by the TLDSB the current school year.  The DGH Intermediate staff recognize the milestone grade 8 graduation represents.  We have had some preliminary discussions as an Intermediate staff and have determined some potential options.  These options have been shared with you in the form of a Google Form where you can offer your opinion on what you think is the best option.  

The link to the Google Form is here. Just paste it into your browser and you will be taken to the Google Form.

Please note that unlike many of our surveys which are anonymous, in this Google Form you will be required to submit your name as we are looking for one response per family.  We would ask that each family consult with their soon to be graduate to determine their choice for what graduation they would like.  The Google Form should be completed by Friday, May 15 at 5:00 pm.

We recognize that there is no “perfect” solution in this situation.  However, our intent is to use input from families, along with staff input, to determine what our graduation ceremony will look like.

Option 1

Virtual Graduation Held on June 25 or 26

• the DGH staff would put together a virtual graduation ceremony

• while the precise format of a virtual ceremony has not been determined, it would likely include many of the same features of an in person graduation, but in a virtual format recorded in advance (e.g., grade 8 certificates would be awarded, individual award winners would be given out, the Valedictorian’s speech given, and photos of students in their graduation attire sent in advance will be included) 

• as noted, all of the pieces would be recorded in advance and put together into a presentation that would be shared with our grade 8 families

Option 2

In Person Graduation Held on September 2

• this is the Wednesday prior to school starting in the fall 

• this would look like very much a traditional graduation

• there would not be a dance

This is contingent upon social distancing rules being relaxed by this time and larger gatherings being a possibility.  It is possible that social distancing rules WILL NOT be relaxed at this time or still not allow for group gatherings of any size.  In that case we WOULD NOT be able to hold an in person graduation and would have to hold a virtual ceremony of some sort.  Being upfront, there are some different possible options in this case (e.g., a small number of graduates and family members are in the gym to graduate, they leave, and then another small group enters); however, we cannot provide a clear plan as we do not know what social distancing rules may or may not look like in September.   

Option 3 

In Person Graduation Held on September 24

• all of the points noted above would apply to Option 2

Grad Sweaters/T-Shirts

The Google Form will also ask how many families would be interested in purchasing a Grade 8 Graduation sweater or t-shirt.  We have included a sample image of what the front and back of the clothing would look like (they are definitely unique to this year!).  If enough families are interested, additional information around the purchase of sweaters will be provided.