DGH Staff Parade/Convoy Around Our Local Community This Friday, April 24 – Please Come Out Wave “Hello” As We Go By!

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Good Morning DGH Community,

The DGH staff has missed our students and families!  What better way to start off this Friday, April 24 than with a parade of our staff around our local community!  Our staff will be gathering convoy-style in their own vehicles to drive around many of the different areas where our students live.  One of our resident “local” staff members, Mrs. James, has created the parade/convoy route for us (thank you, Mrs. James!).  A link to the parade route is directly below.

We would LOVE itif as many of our families as possible could come out to their driveways, give us a big wave and yell “Hello!” as we go by!  We want to see you!  Of course, we also want you to practice physical and social distancing too.  Please be sure to maintain the required distance from other families.  We want everyone to be safe and follow government guidelines.     

We are leaving the school at 10:00 am on Friday and following the attached route.  Please check out the route and the times that we will be coming by your area.  You are likely to hear us as I am quite sure many of our cars will be honking horns and there will likely be music playing from one of our staff member’s truck.