Happy Birthday DGH Students!

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Happy birthday to our following students who celebrate a birthday this week!

Monday, April 27

Emily W

Tuesday, April 28

Jaxy V

Lucas PL

Cassidy B

Callie Go

Wednesday, April 29

Wyatt W

Thursday, April 30

Zoey S

Callie Gr

Friday, May 1

Kira M

Ariella S

Ontario Schools (Including DGH) Closed Until May 31

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

Most of our families are likely aware of the Minister of Education’s announcement yesterday that all publicly funded schools Ontario schools will be closed until May 31.  At this point we do not know whether students will be back in school after this date or if our schools will be closed longer.  DGH staff will continue to provide online learning for our students (as we have been).  As the first few weeks have gone on, many staff have begun to refine practices in terms of what works best and will continue to do so.  This has been a learning experience for us too!

We truly appreciate your efforts encouraging and supporting your children in completing the work being provided (and also helping to ensure that it gets back to their teachers).  As always, please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have questions around your child’s work.  As more information becomes available, we will continue to forward it onto our DGH families.  I hope that this email finds everyone in our community safe and healthy.

Thank You, DGH Community, For Your Support During Our Staff Parade!

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DGH community, thank you so much for your support during our staff parade/convoy last Friday! The number of DGH families who came out to see us was, quite simply, AMAZING! Our staff LOVED seeing so many of our students and parents.

In these trying and difficult times, the experience was a phenomenal one. The smiles, laughs and shouted “hellos” made it so worthwhile. The inspirational signs and posters were loved – “Better Together” one of the signs said – indeed. I can tell you (it is Mr. Parish writing this post) that the staff email and text chats after the parade were so appreciative of your support and so thankful for being part of this community.

Please find attached a few photos of the day!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Our DGH Students With Birthdays This Week!

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

We are finally caught up! The students recognized below celebrated birthdays this week of April 19 to 25! We continue to spend most of our time inside, but that does not mean you cannot have a wonderful birthday! We hope that you enjoy your favourite type of cake (chocolate, hands-down for me!) and receive whatever it is for which you wished!

Carter B

Coby H

Zoe K


Mr. Parish

DGH’s Staff Convoy Tomorrow, Friday, April 24!

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

A quick update on our parade/convoy taking place tomorrow, Friday, April 24.

The route has been modified a little bit. and I have attached the updated route to this post.   We are really looking forward to getting out and about in the community!  We will be leaving the school at 10:00 am (in a perfect world) and following the assigned route.  

We are, of course, encouraging everyone to follow appropriate and established social distancing rules.  If you are or your children are concerned about coming outside (or even down your driveway), we are quite happy to see you waving from your front window, porch or doorstep!  We most definitely do not want anyone to be stressed by this or to feel pressured to come outside!  

Mrs. James, our intrepid and dauntless local, will most likely be leading the cavalcade.  We will see you tomorrow morning!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes For DGH Students With Birthdays Between April 12 and 18!

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

We are almost caught up on our belated birthday wishes!  Today, we will recognize our students with birthdays between April 12 and 18.  While the birthday wishes may be late, we still hope that you had an amazing birthday.  While you did not get to celebrate with a large group of people, you will definitely have a birthday story to tell for the rest of your life!  Happy birthday to all of the students listed below!

Beau B

Kyra N

Grady R

Rhylan M

Emma H


Mr. Parish

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes, DGH Students With Birthdays Between April 5 and 11!

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

Today we will wish a belated Happy Birthday to our DGH students who celebrated birthdays between April 5 and 11. While we may be a little behind in these wishes, it does not mean that your birthday was less important than anyone else’s! We hope that you had a wonderful birthday, even if you were unable to celebrate with your wider group of family and friends!

Kyle M

Brooke W

Lane D

Ellie K

Skarlett G

Cameron F

Frankie W

Sabastien N

Jadon W


Mr. Parish

DGH Staff Parade/Convoy Around Our Local Community This Friday, April 24 – Please Come Out Wave “Hello” As We Go By!

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Good Morning DGH Community,

The DGH staff has missed our students and families!  What better way to start off this Friday, April 24 than with a parade of our staff around our local community!  Our staff will be gathering convoy-style in their own vehicles to drive around many of the different areas where our students live.  One of our resident “local” staff members, Mrs. James, has created the parade/convoy route for us (thank you, Mrs. James!).  A link to the parade route is directly below.

We would LOVE itif as many of our families as possible could come out to their driveways, give us a big wave and yell “Hello!” as we go by!  We want to see you!  Of course, we also want you to practice physical and social distancing too.  Please be sure to maintain the required distance from other families.  We want everyone to be safe and follow government guidelines.     

We are leaving the school at 10:00 am on Friday and following the attached route.  Please check out the route and the times that we will be coming by your area.  You are likely to hear us as I am quite sure many of our cars will be honking horns and there will likely be music playing from one of our staff member’s truck.


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes For DGH Students With March 14 to 31 Birthdays!

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Good Afternoon DGH Community,

We cannot recognize our students with birthdays each day as we normally would – over our PA announcements.  So, let’s recognize them in a new way!  Today, we will give it a shout out to our students who had birthdays during the March Break and over the remainder of March.  I know that most of our students LOVE having their names called out over the announcements (they let me know if I miss a name!).  April students – we will start to catch you up over the course of this week.

The DGH community hopes that all of our students who celebrated a birthday over March had a wonderful birthday.  While you may have been stuck inside, we hope that you did get whatever your favourite dessert is and a gift or two to brighten your day!

Week of March 14 to 20

Cadence M 

Laney D

Finnley W

Tyson F

Ashton W

Gwen L

Week of March 21 to 27

Madyson F

Shawn S

Natalie V

Sophie F

I apologize for the belated birthday wishes.

Mr. Parish