Donations No Longer Needed For Christmas Shoppe – Thank You, DGH Community!

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Mrs. Walden would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the DGH community for all of your donations to the Christmas Shoppe. Our community came through again! We now have a wide selection of items for the Shoppe (hopefully something for everyone!). Due to your generosity, donations to the Christmas Shoppe are no longer required (we have now run out of storage space for items).

Worn, But Classic DGH Clothing And Other Items – $5 Per Item

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DGH community, we have a number of “old school”, classic DGH pieces of clothing and other items for sale. The sports uniforms have worn; however, they represent our school’s history. Interested in owning one of these pieces of history? You can purchase any of these items for just $5 each! Below, you will find a listing of the items for sale. If you would like to purchase one of these items, please contact the office at 705-786-1915. Items are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Long Sleeve Sports Uniforms Shirts

Adult SmallAdult Medium Adult Large
#s 12, 14, 30 and 48 (ripped cuff)#s 5, 31, 35, 38, 39 and 56 #41 (has a stain)

Short Sleeve Sports Uniforms Shirts

Child Size (14-16)Adult Large
#s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13 #s 26, 31, 60, 64, 67, 71, 73, 74, 76, 82 and 86

Learning Together T-Shirts

Child (10-12)
Child (14-16)
Child (14-16)
No number
Adult Medium
No number

DGH Learning Together Cloth Bags

4 bags available


Many available for purchase!

Carol Singing December 16 To 20 In Front Foyer

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Another DGH tradition will continue the week prior to our Christmas Holidays: Carol Singing! Each day, from December 16 to 20, students will gather in our front foyer to sing carols for roughly 20 to 30 minutes. This is a wonderful way to build school spirit, get students into the mood for holidays and to just have a great time. Parents are always welcome to join us. Once attendance has been taken in the morning, classes will make their way to the foyer and carols will start as soon as everyone had made it to the foyer.

Spirit Days From December 16 To 20 At DGH!

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One of DGH’s great traditions is its Spirit Days in the week before Christmas Holidays! This year is no different! It is time to get creative, students and staff, as we have a different Spirit Day each day of the week. Let’s make DGH an AMAZING place to be this upcoming week, Huskies! Mr. Parish is so excited to show off his Christmas Sweater!!!

Monday, December 16th – Christmas Socks and Hat Day!

Tuesday, December 17th – Christmas Sweater Day!

Wednesday, December 18th – Christmas Tree and Reindeer Day!

Thursday, December 19th – Santa Day!

Friday, December 20th – Red and Green Day!

Christmas Shoppe Is Tuesday, December 17

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A DGH tradition continues next Tuesday, December 17: the Christmas Shoppe! Organized by Mrs. Walden, the Christmas Shoppe gives all of our Primary students (and often our Junior and Intermediate students too) the opportunity to shop for a gift for immediate family members. Students are asked to donate $2 to participate. This is an INCREDIBLY popular event for our Primary students and it is hard to beat the joy and pride in their eyes as they pick out a gift for a family member!

Thank you, Mrs. Walden for setting this up. While it is a tremendous amount of work, it is also one of Mrs. Walden’s great joys each year. Thank you also to the many volunteers who come in and help Mrs. Walden with the setup and wrapping – the day simply could not happen without volunteers.

The Christmas Shoppe will begin after morning announcements.

Executive Function – Flexibility

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Flexibility is our Executive Function focus for December. Interested in helping your chld(ren)? Check out this poster on “8 Ways To Support Your Students’ Flexibility”. You can access the poster here (and a copy is attached to this post). While the poster was designed for the classroom, the ideas work equally well for parents working with their children. There are some great ideas here!

Ms. Porter-Short’s And Ms. Graham’s Classes To Astronomy In Action on December 12

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Thank you to Ms. Bellefeuille from LCVI, who applied for and received a grant to bring the “Astronomy in Action” workshop to LCVI. She has invited Ms. Porter-Short’s and Ms. Graham’s classes to attend this workshop on December 12. The workshop involves the use of a portable planetarium – which looks phenomenal! Our students should love this opportunity! Interested in learning more? Check out the Astronomy in Action website by clicking here.

Health And Physical Education Exemption Process

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Trillium Lakelands District School Board has developed a policy and procedure on the exemption process for the human development and sexual health curriculum. 

To support differing preferences and beliefs, families may choose to approach or teach topics related to human development and sexual health in a manner or at an age that differs from the curriculum. Families will receive a letter from the school at least 20 days prior to the instruction start date outlining the steps to take if they wish to exempt their child from all instruction related to human development and sexual health. 

The TLDSB ES-2021 Health and Physical Education: Exemption Process for the Human Development and Sexual Health Curriculum Expectations Procedure may be found here:

Please contact the school office if there are any questions or concerns.

The Christmas Shoppe Needs Your Help!

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DGH community, Mrs. Walden and the Christmas Shoppe need your help! While our community has been generous with donations, we still need much more in order to make the Christmas Shoppe a success. During the Christmas Shoppe, Primary students (and Junior/Intermediate students if there are enough items) have the opportunity to purchase items for immediate family members.

What are we looking for? Gently used items which are still in good condition that family members might like. What you might not want is a treasured item for someone else! This could be almost anything really (we have had some interesting items over the years!). Moms and especially Dads are often forgotten, so items for these important family members are also appreciated. Toiletries are a wonderful contribution to the Christmas Shoppe.

Tables are set up in our front foyer. Simply send in items with your child to drop off, or bring them in yourself to drop off.

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