Welcome Ms. Berger (Student Teacher) To DGH

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DGH welcomes Ms. Berger to our school between November 11th and November 29th. Ms. Berger is a Student Teacher and she will be working with Ms. Clements in her grade 3/4 class. Ms. Berger is looking forward to the experience, as is Ms. Clements!

Lest We Forget. DGH Recognizes Remembrance Day.

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Lest we forget.

DGH, like the rest of Canada, will recognize Remembrance Day today. Our assembly will begin soon after our 1st recess.

While we do not glorify war, we do recognize the ultimate sacrifice that has been made by more than 100 000 Canadians. These Canadians gave their lives to protect the freedoms that we hold so dearly.

Interested in learning more? Click here to access the Veterans Affairs website on Remembrance Day Assembly.

Crazy Outfit Spirit Day on Friday, November 15th!

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Our ever busy and school spirit driven Student Council has planned its next Spirit Day: Crazy Outfit Day next Friday, November 15th! This is the day to pull out of your clothing that clashes, doesn’t go together, or is just plain crazy looking! The gaudier and tackier…the better! Huskies – let’s rock the school spirit on this one and make our school a visual cacophony!

Elmira Chicken Order Delivery is Thursday, November 14th

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For all those who participated in the Elmira Chicken Order Fundraiser, the delivery will take place on Thursday, November 14th. Pickups begin at 2:00pm in our school’s front foyer. A reminder that the school does not have freezer facilities; all orders will need to be picked up. Thank you to all those who supported the fundraiser!

DGH’s Remembrance Day Assembly is Monday, November 11th

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DGH’s Remembrance Day Assembly takes place on Monday, November 11th. It will begin shortly after our 1st recess (our recess ends at 11:45am). Each student will receive a poppy, but we do ask for a small donation from each student (if possible). Students typically donate $1 for a poppy.

DGH’s “Let It Snow” Christmas Vendor Sale Is On Friday, December 6th

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Don’t forget to add Friday, December 6th to your calendar – it’s our Parent Council’s Let It Snow Christmas Vendor Sale! The sale will run from 5:00pm to 9:00pm in our school’s front foyer and gym. Last year’s sale was a huge success and our Parent Council is hoping that this year’s will be equally successful! Please let family and friends know about our vendor sale. A copy of the flyer is below.

Ms. McColl’s, Ms. Graham’s, Ms. Davis’ and Mr. Fournier’s Classes To Royal Agricultural Winter Fair On Friday, November 8th

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Thank you, Ms. Graham, for once again organizing the annual trip to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! Students in these classes will be headed for a day of fun, checking out massive animal shows and exhibits, incredible food displays, and pretty much anything else to do with agriculture. It should be a great day for all!

Grade 7 Immunization Needles On Tuesday, November 12th

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Thank you to our local Health Unit who will be providing our grade 7s with their Hep B, HPV and Menactra immunization needle on Tuesday, November 12th. We appreciate the Health Unit coming to our school to provide this invaluable service for our students. Our students, on the other hand, may not be as excited about receiving the needle!

DGH’s Halloween Pumpkins!

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Thank you to our Parent Council for donating pumpkins for DGH’s Pumpkin Carving and Decorating contest. Check out the photos below to see our classes’s creative talents!

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