Whoops! Ignore DGH’s Older Posts That Are Being Sent To Our Website !

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DGH community, please ignore any “old” posts that are coming out to our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Our website program has had a few issues recently and a “fix” was applied. Our posts are working again; however, some of our older posts are being sent out again! If a post doesn’t have anything to do with what has recently happened or will be happening soon, you can simply ignore it.

DGH’s Let It Snow Vendor Sale on Friday, December 6th

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A reminder that our Parent Council’s Let It Snow Vendor Sale is only 3 weeks away! Last year’s sale was a tremendous success and we are looking to build on that this year. The Let It Snow brochure is provided below. If you are interested in putting in a table at our sale, please contact our office at 705-786-1915. It should be a great evening!

Thank You For The Book Donation

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Mrs. Starr would like to thank Mara Hooper’s family for their book donation to our library. As you probably know, Mrs. Starr is passionate about books and our library – so these books are tremendously appreciated! These books will be read by many students in the next few years.

December Pizza and Milk Orders Due on Tuesday, December 19th

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A reminder that December’s Pizza Hut Pizza and Lunch orders are due next Tuesday, December 19th. As always, we ask that orders and money be placed in a clearly labelled envelope or ziplock bag (with your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s name). Mrs. Starr thanks you for your continued support of the program. We thank Mrs. Starr for continuing to run this program!

Crazy Outfit Spirit Day This Friday, November 15th!

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Huskies – don’t forget that this Friday, November 15th is our Crazy Outfit Spirit Day! Do you have clothing that clashes? Do you have clothing that is bright and a bit on the obnoxious side? Then this Friday’s Spirit Day is for you! Huskies – put together a crazy outfit and make our school a kaleidoscope of colours!

Executive Functioning – Emotional Control

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Each month, DGH is focusing on a different executive function. During the month of November, we are focused on emotional control. Emotional control is understanding and managing your feelings so you can be productive and successful. Over the course of the month, staff will be discussing emotional control with their students, along with strategies to help in this area. Everyone, at different times, will feel angry, upset, or sad – it is how we handle these feelings that is important. It is always great to have these conversations with your kids too!

Executive functions are similar to the learning skills that are commented on in report cards. All of the executive functioning skills combined help us to be successful in life. They are not just “school skills”. These are the skills which are critical in home and work life.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Activated Learning website.

WE Scare Hunger Success – Thank You, DGH Community!

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DGH community, thank you for your generous support of the Student Council’s WE Scare Hunger Food Drive. As you can see from the photo, our Huskies donated a great deal of food, all of which will be donated to the Mariposa Food Bank. Your support helped our Student Council meet their goal of helping local charitable organizations and make a difference in the lives of others.

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