Thanksgiving Holiday Is Monday, October 14

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It seems hard to believe that we are more than a month into the school year! A reminder that this Monday, October 14th is the Thanksgiving Holiday. The DGH staff wish everyone in our community a safe and happy holiday. We hope that everyone has the opportunity for some extra time with family and that everyone gets some of their favourite food. The food I am most looking forward to (it’s Mr. Parish writing this post)? Pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie (I have just a bit of a sweet tooth!).

October 25th PA Day Agenda

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DGH community, our first PA Day of the year takes place on October 25th. While students are enjoying a long weekend (hopefully the weather is still nice then!), staff will be focused on our professional development around Math. Below you will find our agenda for the PA Day.

9:00am to 10:00amFundamentals in Math and Large Scale Assessments; What are our IIRs telling us? How might EQAO assist us in gathering useful data to inform our SIPSAW and support classroom practice in all grades?

10:00am to 11:30amModerated Marking of staff generated Math diagnostic
11:30am to 12:10pmLunch
12:10pm to 2:00pm Planning for Math Instruction Using the
Scope and Sequence, Math Block and Design Down Planning

Jersey Day This Friday, October 11th!

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Do not forget to break out your favourite jersey for tomorrow. This is our first Spirit Day of the year: Jersey Day! We are really looking forward to seeing our students wearing their team’s favourite jersey. Show your spirit and your pride, Huskies!

DGH’s Spirit Day On October 11th: Jersey Day!

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One of DGH’s more popular Spirit Days takes place this Friday, October 11th! Do you play on a sports team? Show your team’s pride and wear its jersey. Maybe you have a favourite team. Show your pride and wear its jersey! Which jersey will Ms. Graham be wearing? That’s easy! The Dallas Cowboys! DGH – let’s make our school a sea of jerseys on Friday.

Grades 1 to 3 Students Will See Junie B. Jones Performance On Friday, October 11th

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Our grades 1 to 3 students should have a great time this Friday, October 11th. They will be off to the Lindsay Academy Theatre to see a Junie B. Jones performance. Almost every primary student has probably read a Junie B Jones book, or had a Junie B. Jones book read to them at some point. It should be a great time for our students! Thank you, primary staff, for organizing.

Cross-County Team Success!

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Congratulations to DGH’s Cross-Country Team! They were great representatives of our school last Wednesday, October 2nd. The weather may not have been the best, but that did not stop our competitors from doing their absolute best. All of our coaches commented on our students’ great behaviour! We thank all of our Cross-Country Team members; they put forth a tremendous amount of effort in training runs. Below, you will find a few photos from the day. Thank you to our coaches (Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Ridgway, Ms. Arscott, Ms. Westcott and Mrs. Little). Your efforts were appreciated.

Special mention goes to the following Top 10 Finishers:

Kyla F – 1st place

Aidan W – 2nd place

Madeline S – 4th place

Katie W – 8th place

Jake S – 10th place 

Coby H – 10th place

DGH’s September Executive Functioning and Attendance Assembly

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On Tuesday, October 1st, DGH recognized students with perfect attendance for the month of September. DGH had ____ students with perfect attendance! We pulled the names of ____ students with perfect attendance to participate in DGH’s version of “Plinko”! Check out the photos to see students participating. The prizes? DGH swag! Depending on which number the student’s Plinko puck landed on, the student won DGH swag: a frisbee, sunglasses, wristband, or bag. We are aiming or even better attendance during the month of October!

Also, we discussed next month’s Executive Functioning focus: Response Inhibition. Mrs. Ridgway’s class created a classroom video to explain Response Inhibition. Response Inhibition is the idea of thinking before you act.

Grade 7 Immunization Needles On Monday, October 7th

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Thank you to our local Health Unit who will be providing our grade 7s with their Hep B, HPV and Menactra immunization needle on Monday, October 7th. We appreciate the Health Unit coming to our school to provide this invaluable service for our students. Our students, on the other hand, may not be as excited about receiving the needle!

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