Changes To Student Use Of Personal Mobile Devices During Instructional Time

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The Ministry of Education requires all school boards to update their Code of Conduct to specifically address restrictions around the use of personal mobile devices during instructional time. Please note that the TLDSB Code of Conduct now includes the following:

“The use of personal mobile devices during instructional time is not permitted unless under the following circumstances:

  1. for educational purposes, as directed by an educator;
  2. for health and medical purposes;
  3. to support special education needs”

Grades 6 to 8 Halloween Dance Thursday, October 31st

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Our first grades 6 to 8 dance of the year takes place this Thursday, October 31st. The Student Council’s Halloween Dance happens in the 3rd Block (2:10 to 3:30). We are asking each student to donate one non-perishable food item towards the WE Scare Hunger Food Drive.

DGH’s Student Council Halloween Haunt

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DGH’s Student Council is once again organizing and hosting a Halloween Haunt! Student Council member will be putting together all of their scary ideas and imaginative talents to create this year’s Halloween Haunt. Efforts in past years have been impressive (to say the least), so we are looking forward to this year’s version! Thank you, DGH Student Council.

DGH’s Parent Council Holiday Flower Fundraiser Is On!

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DGH community, our Parent Council is once again running a Holiday Flower Fundraiser. The brochures should have gone home by now; however, if they did not, copies have been attached at the bottom of this post. Holiday flowers have been popular in the past and one of our goals was to have them delivered in time for the beginning of the holiday season. As always, our Parent Council appreciates your support!

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise money for playground equipment to be purchased. Playground equipment is expensive, so our Parent Council has been saving money for this goal since last year. It is anticipated that money will need to be saved for several years in order to purchase playground equipment.

Parent Council Fundraiser Ends: Friday, November 15th

Flowers Will Be Delivered: Friday, November 27th (day of Parent/Teacher Interviews)

You will notice that there are 2 order forms: one on the back of the full colour brochure and the photocopied black and white order form. The person/family selling the flowers will KEEP the full colour brochure order form as it records every sale that they have made. The black and white order form is what you will send into the school – it records the total number of each product you have sold.

WE Scare Hunger Assembly on Thursday, October 24

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DGH community, our Student Council is beginning its first fundraiser of the year beginning this Thursday, October 24th: the WE Scare Hunger Food Drive. One of the commitments our Student Council’s WE Team had to make to receive tickets for the WE Day event held in September was to support local charities and to do generally do good deeds. This is the beginning of their efforts! The WE team will be asking DGH families (if they are able) to donate non-perishable food items to our food drive. Top items include pastas, spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables and fruit, and canned tuna and salmon. Please do not donate peanut butter or products contain peanuts or tree nuts as have a number of students with serious allergies. Huskies, let’s show support for our local food bank!

Indoor Golf Clinic For Our Primary Classes on Wednesday, October 23

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A big thank you goes out to Shana Kelly, the Golf Pro at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club, who will be providing an introduction to golf fundamentals to students in Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s, Mrs. Britton’s, Ms. Ridgway’s, Mrs. Alexander’s and Ms. Clements’ classes this Wednesday, October 23! Ms. Kelly provided similar instruction to our Junior and Intermediate classes earlier in the year – which our students both enjoyed and appreciated. Ms. Kelly applied for a grant to provide this instruction to students, making it possible for her to come out to DGH. It should be a great deal of fun for our Primary students! Word on the street is that Ms. Kelly is one of the few people who can give Ms. Graham a run for the money on the golf course! Thank you for Ms. Kelly for coming, and thank you, Ms. Graham, for organizing this day!

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