DGH’s Staff Who Are On The Move!

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As hard as it seems to believe, the 2018-2019 school year is about to finish! The purpose of this post is to say goodbye to a few of our staff members who are retiring, moving to a different school or whose LTO assignment has ended..

As has been noted in a separate post, we wish only the best for Mrs. McGregor as she heads into retirement. The impact on her students and our school has been tremendous. For those who have been fortunate to have been taught by Mrs. McGregor, or who have worked with her – you know what an extraordinary teacher she is and her impact.

Ms. Little’s LTOs in both the grade 2/3 classs and the 6/7 class will come to an end. This was her second year at DGH and her efforts and energies were always appreciated. Making the shift from Primary to a Junior/Intermediate class is not the easiest, but Ms. Little handled it with skill. We appreciate all that you have done at DGH over these 2 years, Ms, Little!

Ms. Armitage, who has now spent almost 3 full years at DGH as an LTO, will be moving to a different school in September. Ms. Armitage will be teaching, at least part of the day, at Leslie Frost. She has contributed a great deal to our school and has done an outstanding job working in our primary division over these 3 years! We wish you good luck at your new school, Ms. Armitage!

We are also losing Ms. Rainey, whose passion for and skill in music will be missed. Due to DGH having one less homeroom classroom next year, Ms. Rainey was one of the staff members affected. Ms. Rainey is headed to Central. Our music classroom definitely will not be the same next year without Ms. Rainey!

Ms. Newell, who did an LTO in our grade 1/2 class this year, will soon have a very exciting addition to her family – her due date is not that long after the school year! A great addition to the DGH team, Ms. Newell was a good fit for both students and staff. Your sense of humour will be missed, Ms. Newell!

Ms. Rowsell’s LTO at DGH also finishes at the end of this school year. Definitely a person who enjoys whatever adventure life brings, Ms. Rowsell has truly enjoyed her year at DGH and the students of her grade 4/5 classroom. She is looking forward to whatever school and classroom next year brings!

Ms. Wilson, Early Childhood Educatior who worked with Mrs. McGregor for the past 2 years (and who has been at DGH for the past 2 years), will be headed for a maternity leave. Her baby is due soon and she is looking forward to being a first time mother! Based on her work in the classroom, we are sure that she will be an amazing mother!

Mrs. Hamer’s LTO in one of our grade 8 classrooms also concludes with the end of this school year. She was part of our school last year (completing a 0.33 LTO in our grade 1/2 class). She also filled in at the year’s beginning until we were able to hire a new French teacher and she also filled in for several weeks in our grade 6/7 class until we were able to hire an LTO. We have kept her busy these past 2 years!

And, finally, we wish good luck to Ms. Anckaert who finished the roughly last 1/3 of the year in our grade 5/6 class for Mrs. Burns. Ms. Anckaert also completed full year LTOs at DGH in the past 2 years (in grade 4) and we did not think it would be that easy for her to get away!

On behalf of the DGH community, we wish all of you the best in your future endeavors.