Congratulations, Mrs. McGregor!

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Just as our grade 8s will soon be graduating, we have a special staff graduation of our own. Mrs. McGregor, after a truly impactful and extraordinary teaching career, will be retiring at this school year’s end. Beginning her career at Mariposa in 1988, she moved over to Dr. George Hall Public School when our school opened in 1995. One of DGH’s rocks, for those who had a child go through her classroom, you know the passion, love and skill that she brought to teaching our youngest students. A mentor to many younger educators who joined DGH, and especially the Kindergarten team, she is, quite simply, impossible to replace. Her legacy, of course, is the students and staff who she has made all the better!

She is looking forward to travelling with her husband, Mr. McGregor, who is one of LCVI’s vice-principals. He too is retiring at the end of this school year. In addition to travelling, she is looking forward to having more time to spend with their two children (well, who are actually adults now!).

Mrs. McGregor – we truly wish you all the best, and a long and happy retirement.