Good Luck, DGH Skipping Team, on Thursday, May 2nd!

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Go Huskies Go! The DGH Skipping Team competes at the TLDSB competition this Thursday, May 2nd. The team has been practising hard over the past few months and they are ready to give it their best. Team members probably practice longer than for any other team. The dedication shown by team members in giving up recesses, coming in before school and staying after school is truly incredible. The Skipping Team is one of our largest teams and they bring students from almost every grade. Go Huskies Go!

DGH’s Senior Boys Basketball Team Finished 1st in the County Tournament!

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Mr. Costello would like to say congratulations to the Senior Boys Basketball team on an amazing season! On your way to capturing the County Championship, you not only excelled on the court but also off the court. The sportsmanship and teamwork that was displayed by all players on the team was as impressive as each win. Continue to demonstrate these winning characteristics that have made your families, school and coach extremely proud. Go Huskies go! 

Mr. Fournier has Skipping “Game”!

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We know that DGH takes it skipping and Skipping Teams VERY seriously! Would it surprise anyone that some of our staff have skipping talents too? Check out Mr. Fournier’s skipping skills in this short video clip. Not bad considering he has dress clothes on! The students around Mr. Fournier were impressed, to say the least!

Why Fundraise for Jump Rope for Heart? How about Regenerative Medicine!

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D r. Kim Connelly and his colleagues are one step closer to helping damaged heart cells repair themselves.

Dr. Connelly, a cardiologist and Heart & Stroke funded researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, is working with colleagues on a clinical trial with people whose hearts have been damaged by heart attacks and other heart disease. The trial is led by Dr. Duncan Stewart at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa.

Until now, there has been no treatment for this kind of damage, which reduces heart function and eventually leads to heart failure.

Over the past year we’ve been talking about Dr. Connelly’s exciting lab research, which showed how damage can be reversed in individual cells of the heart.

Check out the full article by clicking here.

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser is ON!

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Do not forget, DGH community, that our Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser is currently on. In order to receive a fundraising envelope, students must return (with a parent’s signature) the fundraising letter that was sent home previously. The fundraising envelope and any money raised must be returned to the school by Friday, May 10th.

Why fundraise? Did you know that every 7 minutes, someone in Canada dies from either a stroke or heart disease? Heart disease is a bigger issue than ever before due to our aging population, our lack of physical activity and poor diets. The money fundraised, in part, goes to fight each of these issues.

Mrs. Hamer’s Easter Artwork

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The artistic Mrs. Hamer had her grade 8s complete some Easter themed artwork last week. Some of the results are included in this post. I guess we could say that Mrs. Hamer had her class…hopping?

Congratulations to DGH’s Battle of the Books Teams!

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Our Junior and Intermediate Battle of the Books teams were excellent representatives for our school! Both of our teams did extremely well. Ms. Davis could not be more proud of their efforts. We definitely had some serious readers on our teams this year. It was not unusual to see members of teams walking down the hallway with a Battle of the Books book (or two) in their hands. Check out photos from their respective competitions.

Junior Team MembersIntermediate Team Members
Kennedy LTera F
Danika McMaddy B
Emily SBeth S
Emily WSophie F

Happy Easter!

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On behalf of the DGH staff, we wish our school community a safe and happy Easter holiday! Do not forget that Friday and Monday are school holidays. We will see you back at school on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Bring Your Own Gloves for Earth Day Clean Up on April 23rd

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DGH community, our school will be recognizing Earth Day on Tuesday, April 23rd (Earth Day is officially April 22nd, but this is part of the Easter holiday this year). As in previous years, students will be going out onto our school yard to do a clean up. This year, we are asking students to bring their own gloves (work gloves are probably best). This will be better for the environment as we will not need as many “single use” vinyl gloves that go directly into the garbage after being used.

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