DGH Clothing Orders Due Friday, March 1

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Don’t forget, DGH community, that clothing orders are due into the school THIS Friday, March 1. Please place all orders and money/cheques into an envelope/ziplock bag that is clearly labelled with your child’s name and homeroom teacher. This is a great way to show your school spirit! There are sample clothing sizes in the office.

Pita Pit Orders Due Thursday, February 28th

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A reminder, DGH community, that Pita Pit orders and money are due into the school tomorrow (Thursday, February 28th). As always, please make sure that the envelope/ziplock bag is clearly labelled with your child’s name and homeroom teacher. Thank you for your support of the programme.

Grade 4s at Medieval Times!

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Our grade 4s had a wonderful experience at Medieval Times last Friday, February 22nd. Check out the photos! Thank you, Ms. Clements, for organizing!

Pink Shirt Day: THINK

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DGH community, a reminder that this Wednesday, February 27th is Pink Shirt Day.  This year is all about dealing with cyberbullying.  The creators of the Pink Shirt Day website suggest:






before you post anything on social media.  Avoid the negatives.  Focus on the positives.

Get your pink shirts and clothing ready for Wednesday, students!

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 27th

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DGH community, Pink Shirt Day has been well recognized in the past few years.  On Pink Shirt Day, people wear pink to show their support for anti-bullying initiatives.  This year, the focus is upon anti-cyber-bullying initiatives.  We are asking students and staff to wear a pink shirt (and pink clothing) on Wednesday, February 27th.


Interested in finding out more?  Click here to view the Pink Shirt Day website.


DGH community – let’s make DGH a sea of PINK on February 27th!


A Chiptastic Challenge!

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Even though we have missed quite a few days of school due to inclement weather, Mrs. Burns was willing to give her class a Valentines Party – but with a catch!  She challenged them to use teamwork and creative thinking to build a self-supporting ring of Pringles Chips.  Students definitely enjoyed themselves.  Some of her students were seriously creative in building their rings!  Check out a few of the photos from the activity.

Boston Pizza Lunch Order Forms

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DGH community, please click on the link below to access the Boston Pizza Lunch Order Forms.  A paper version will either have been sent home already or will be sent home soon.  Please note the due date for each month’s order forms which is on the bottom of the page.  Please make sure that order form and money are placed in an envelope or ziplock bag clearly labelled with the student’s name and homeroom teacher.


Thank you, Mrs. Starr, for organizing.  Thanks to those families who support the lunch program!


Boston Pizza Lunches Apr, May, June 2019

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