DGH’s Cross-Country Team Competes Next Wednesday, October 3rd!

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We wish good luck to our DGH Cross-Country Team as they head off to the Ken Reid Conservation Area to compete in the CKL Cross-Country Run.  Along with Skipping and Track and Field, the Cross-Country Run is one of our board’s largest sporting events with hundreds of students competing.  Our students began training only days after school started – so they are ready to compete!  Thank you to our coaches: Ms. Graham (Intermediate), along with Ms. Davis and Mrs. Alexander (Primary and Junior).  Win or lose, you know that we value most is sportsmanship and effort.  We appreciate your efforts!

Friday, September 28th Will Be A Great Day at DGH!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


DGH community, Friday, September 28th will be an amazing day at our school.  This will be a day to show your school and community spirit!  We are asking that you wear one of 2 things on Friday.  If you have a Terry Fox shirt, please feel free to wear it.  After all, there are few things more Canadian than wearing a Terry Fox shirt.  However, our recognition of Orange Shirt Day and its message about the negative impact of the Residential School system on Indigenous peoples is no less important.  Wearing an orange will be equally valued.


Terry Fox Shirt or orange shirt – whichever you choose to wear, you will be showing school pride.


Go, Huskies, Go!

Rowan’s Law Day – Wednesday, September 26th

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DGH community, please check out the information below regarding Rowan’s Law.  For those whose child has suffered a concussion or suspected concussion, this will provide some insight into the new policies and procedures followed by Ontario schools.  As a parent who has had a child suffer a concussion, this is Mr. Parish, writing the post, my family has followed the concussion protocol and recognize its importance.


Click for a Concussion Fact sheet from the Ontario government.


TLDSB Concussion Procedure


In 2018, a new law called Rowan’s Law was passed in Ontario. It will help protect people who play sports, or play active games in schools, help teachers, parents/guardians and coaches learn about preventing concussions, and help people who get concussions to recover. Have you ever bumped your head or body? Probably! We’re all at risk of sustaining a concussion but because some bumps can hurt our brains and our brains may need a lot of time to heal, Rowan’s Law was created.

Thanks to Rowan’s Law, all sports organizations and schools in Ontario will have new rules in place around concussions. Even when we do our best to prevent injuries there is always some risk. Rowan’s Law will help coaches, teachers, and parents/guardians, know when a child has suffered a suspected concussion and that they should immediately stop participating in physical activities, and help them to identify when it’s safe to play again.

Terry Fox Run This Friday, September 28th

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Since the first school Terry Fox Run in 1981, as of 2016 more than 700 million dollars has been raised by the Terry Fox Foundation to fight cancer.  That’s an incredible amount!  DGH has always been an active participant in the Terry Fox Run – showing its great community spirit.  It isn’t too late to fundraise for this great cause, students.

Terry Fox Shirts Available

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DGH community, we have 10 Youth Size 10 Terry Fox shirts available. Cost is $15 each. If interested in purchasing a shirt, please see Ms. Davis. This is a great way to show school spirit and support a worthwhile cause!

Orange Shirt Day This Friday, September 28th

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A reminder, DGH community, that we are recognizing this Friday, September 28th as Orange Shirt Day.  By wearing an orange shirt, you will recognize the harm done to Indigenous peoples in the Residential School system.  The principle behind this is that “every child matters.”  DGH, let’s make our school a sea of orange this Friday.


Want to learn more?  Click here to find an Orange Shirt Day link.

DGH’s Fundraising for Terry Fox Foundation is On!

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DGH’s Terry Fox Run takes place Friday, September 28th at 2:15 pm.


The photo that goes with this post says so much about Terry Fox’s determination.  Running approximately 42 km a day during his Marathon of Hope (that’s almost a marathon each day!) is an extraordinary accomplishment that few people could accomplish, let alone running with an artificial leg.


DGH has raised just over a total of $60 000 in the years that we have been doing the Terry Fox Run.  That’s an incredible amount of money going towards cancer research!  With 82 cents of every dollar donated going directly into cancer research, this is definitely a charity which benefits others.


The 5 year survival rate of children with cancer is now 83% – up almost 20% from the 1980s!


To date, over $750 million has been raised by the Terry Fox Foundation!  Schools and students, like ours, have raised a large portion of this money.


DGH community, let’s support the Terry Fox Foundation!

Mrs. Little’s and Mrs. Alexander’s Classes Are Off to the Lindsay Ex Today

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Mrs. Little’s grade 2/3 class and Mrs. Alexander’s grade 3 class are going to have a great time today as they head off to the Lindsay Exhibition!  In a tradition that goes back many, many years, students will be enjoying all that the Lindsay Ex has to offer.  I am going to guess that more than a few parents reading this post went to the Lindsay Ex, during the school day, when they were students in the TLDSB!  Have a great time, students!

Welcome Our New French Teacher – Ms. Westcott!

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We are happy to announce that DGH will soon have a French teacher!  Ms. Westcott will be joining the DGH team on Monday, September 24th.  She is excited for the opportunity, looking forward to being a part of the Huskies’ community and cannot wait to starting working with our students.  A copy of the letter sent home today is available by clicking on the link below.

DGH Letterhead Ms. Westcott Hired For French

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