Enjoy a Safe and Happy Summer, DGH Community

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On behalf of the DGH staff, I would like to wish our entire DGH community a safe and happy summer.  10 long months of the 2017-2018 school year have ended, with our students about to enjoy the fruits of their labour with 2 months to relax and involve themselves in our opportunities.  I know that many of our students will have screen time (Mr. Parish is writing this post and has 2 kids – both of whom love their television and video game time), but do not forget to encourage physical activity and reading time!  I played more than my fair share of video games as a student (ah, Pac Man, Defender and Ultima bring back fond memories), but read a great deal (the Shannara series, Belgariad series and anything written by Isaac Asimov), too.  Whether riding a bike, swimming, playing sports or just running around with friends, get outside and enjoy the summer weather.


We are looking forward to seeing all of our DGH community members back in September!