Autism Thought for the Day – Aggressive Behaviours

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A final thought for this week around autism: one of the most common pieces of knowledge is that many autistic children (and adults) can exhibit aggressive behaviours (or behaviours that we would consider to be not “normal”).  From an educational perspective, you might hear us say something like “behaviour is communication.”


What does that mean?  Click here to learn more about why autism is often associated with aggressive behaviours.  The simple fact is that autistic children often are more aggressive than others.  How can you help?  Check out the link!  Some of the things that we know are that people diagnosed with autism often have struggle with anxiety, frustration, confusion and a loss of control.


Anxiety and Frustration and Its Impact

Everyone has felt anxiety and frustration at some point in their lives.  You can probably remember how you felt when you were anxious or frustrated.  More than likely you either got extremely angry (if it was serious anxiety or frustration) – reacting in a way that you normally wouldn’t.  The anxiety you felt at this point is how individuals with autism often feel, especially in situations that are new to them or that they do not understand.


The reality is that they probably WON’T react you in the manner that you expect!  Moreover, an autistic person often requires multiple opportunities to learn how to react in a particular situation.


Read the article to learn more about they are feeling and how you can support them when escalated or upset.