World Autism Day Tomorrow – Wear Blue!

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DGH community, don’t forget that tomorrow we are recognizing World Autism Day.  We ask that students wear blue to recognize the day.


How Can You Help and Did You Know?

Autistic individuals having difficulty understanding other people’s’ feelings.  This might look like them not reacting in the way you might expect when something happens.  They might smile or laugh when you might expect a different reaction.  An autistic person may not recognize the socially acceptable way to respond in a serious situation, perhaps laughing or smile when you expect a completely different reaction.  It can sometimes take a great deal of direct teaching and learning for someone with autism to respond in the “correct” way in these situations.


On the other hand, this “different world view” may offer them insights that others do not have.  They may well think outside of the box, which allows them to solve problems or come up with new ideas that others cannot.  Some of the world’s most creative and successful people, both past and present, may well be on the spectrum or share traits with those on the spectrum.  Often the people we celebrate most in society are those that think or do things differently than the mainstream.