Jimmy Chapman on March 20th and 21st

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Jimmy Chapman will be back on March 20th and 21st for his final two sessions with our Junior and Intermediate classes.  Having back to back sessions with Jimmy should be a great thing!  As always, wear comfortable clothing and bring running shoes for these breakdancing sessions.

Battle of the Books “Battles” Tomorrow

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A love of reading AND competition combines tomorrow in DGH’s school level Battle of the Books event!  Junior and Intermediate teams will be battling to determine which the teams representing our school at the next level of competitions.  Teams have been busy reading a series of books, at either the Junior or Intermediate level, for the past few months and our ready to show their knowledge.  Having a great memory and the ability to answer questions quickly are critical skills at this event!  Good luck to all of our teams!  Thanks for your commitment, students.

Elmira Chicken Fundraiser for Grades 7 and 8 Students Begins…Today!

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DGH community, Ms. Graham has organized the next Elmira Chicken Fundraiser for our grades 7 and 8 students.  The purpose of the fundraiser is for our Intermediate students to raise money towards their larger and more expensive year end trips.  Students receive a portion of the money from each product sold.


Key Dates



Kick-Off: Wednesday, March 7th
Orders and $ Due Back Into School: Wednesday, April 4th
Pick-Up at School: TBD


If you don’t have a child in grades 7 or 8 and would like to support the fundraiser by purchasing product, please contact the office at 705-786-1915 and we will be happy to help you!


Thank you, in advance, for any and all support you are able to offer our students!

March Break Begins This Friday, March 9th

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As hard as it seems to believe (the past 2 months have passed quickly!), our March Break begins this Friday, March 9th.  We return to school on Monday, March 19th to prepare for the home stretch of the school year.  We hope that everyone has the opportunity for downtime and time to hang out as a family.

Ms. Graham and 10 Grade 7s Going to the TLDSB’s Indigenous Games!

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Ms. Graham is excited to be taking 10 grade 7 students to the TLDSB’s Indigenous Games taking place on Tuesday, March 6th!  The purpose of the day is to celebrate Indigenous culture, promote sport and physical activity and build relationships.  Our students will be travelling to YMCA Pine Crest in Torrnance and participating in activities such as snow shoeing, Indigenous winter games, Metis finger weaving,  storytelling and Indigenous inspired arts activities.  Thanks to the TLDSB for organizing and Ms. Graham for taking our students!

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