World Autism Day – Tuesday, April 3rd – Break Out the Blue!

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DGH community, in the past few years our school members have done an OUTSTANDING job recognizing World Autism Day by wearing blue.  World Autism Day officially falls on Monday, April 2nd; however, this is part of our Easter holiday.  So, DGH will instead recognize World Autism Day on Tuesday, April 3rd.


How to show your support?  Wear as much blue as you can, DGH community!


Autism Awareness and How You Can Help

UNDERSTANDING is really the first and best way you can help!  Someone diagnosed with Autism may:

AVOID EYE CONTACT and prefer to be alone.  In our society we usually teach students to look someone directly in the eye when speaking – telling them that it is disrespectful to not do so.  An autistic individual may not want to do this, finding it extremely stressful.  A person diagnosed with autism may not recognize the social cues involved in social situations.  What the “average” person sees as being rude isn’t intended that way for an autistic person.


Learn More

Check the Autism Speaks website or Autism Canada website.  Each site provides a wealth of information and will provide you with insight into how Autism impacts millions of people around the world.