Grade 8 Grad Photos on April 4th

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The end of the school year definitely feels like it is coming now!  Our grade 8s will have their grad photos taken on Wednesday, April 4th.  Bring your best smile on Wednesday, future grads!

World Autism Day – Tuesday, April 3rd – Break Out the Blue!

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DGH community, in the past few years our school members have done an OUTSTANDING job recognizing World Autism Day by wearing blue.  World Autism Day officially falls on Monday, April 2nd; however, this is part of our Easter holiday.  So, DGH will instead recognize World Autism Day on Tuesday, April 3rd.


How to show your support?  Wear as much blue as you can, DGH community!


Autism Awareness and How You Can Help

UNDERSTANDING is really the first and best way you can help!  Someone diagnosed with Autism may:

AVOID EYE CONTACT and prefer to be alone.  In our society we usually teach students to look someone directly in the eye when speaking – telling them that it is disrespectful to not do so.  An autistic individual may not want to do this, finding it extremely stressful.  A person diagnosed with autism may not recognize the social cues involved in social situations.  What the “average” person sees as being rude isn’t intended that way for an autistic person.


Learn More

Check the Autism Speaks website or Autism Canada website.  Each site provides a wealth of information and will provide you with insight into how Autism impacts millions of people around the world.

Easter Holidays on Friday, March 30 and Monday, April 2

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DGH community, we hope that everyone has a safe and happy Easter Holiday!  Of course, we also hope that the Easter Bunny is able to visit each home whose family wishes him to.  As always, when we have a long weekend, we hope that every family is able to enjoy more time together.

Congratulations, Caitlyn G!

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Congratulations to Caitlyn G who recently competed at the Legion’s Zone Level competition.  Caitlyn won the Bronze Medal!  At this level, Caitlyn was competing with speakers from other Legion Zones – and the competition is challenging!  Thank you for representing DGH so well.

Jump Rope for Heart…Has Begun!

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One of Dr. George Hall PS’ traditions continues this year: Jump Rope for Heart!


The kick-off assembly for Jump Rope for Heart took place today!  That means Jump Rope for Heart Fundraising is officially underway!  Last year DGH raised over $8000!  That’s a huge accomplishment, Huskies!


Click here for letter that went home with students today.


Why Jump Rope for Heart?  This charity raises money for Heart and Stroke research.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised to aid in developments to fight one of Canada’s deadliest diseases.  You can check out the Jump Rope for Heart website to learn more about how the charity spends the money that is raised and the achievements that have happened, in part, because of the fundraising raised.  We also like this charity and event because it gets our students physically active!

Key information is listed below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Important Information

Kindergarten to Grade 4 students

Dance-a-Thon or Activity Time takes place on                              Wednesday, May 2nd

When                                                                                                  11:45 am to 12:45 pm

Fundraising Due Back Into School by                                            Monday, April 30th

Grades 5 to 8 Students

Volleyball & Dodgeball for Heart takes place on                   Friday, May 1st

When                                                                                          TBA (Length Determined by Number of Participants)

Fundraising Due Back Into School by                                     Monday, April 30th

Note: Grades 5 to 8 students will be in teams of 6 and must collectively (as a team) raise at least $100.  


Pledge Forms and Online Fundraising

• if you would like a PLEDGE form, please sign and return the form that Ms. McColl sent home on Wednesday

ALL pledge forms that are sent home MUST be returned to the school (even if you do not collect any pledges)

• if you would like to FUNDRAISE, but want to do it ONLINE, please go to

Kindergarten Trip to Sugar Bush on March 29th

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How do we know that Spring is really coming?  Because the Kindergartens are headed off to the Sugar Bush on Thursday, March 29th!  Learning about how trees are tapped, maple sap collected and maple syrup is made is always a wonderful experience.  This is a traditional Kindergarten trip and thank you to Mrs. McGregor, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Arscott and Ms. Horton for organizing.  Thanks also to our parent volunteers – without you these trips would not be possible!  Let’s be honest: maple syrup makes everything taste better!

Husky Cheerleaders Easter Basket Raffle!

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Attention Husky Families!

Cheerleaders are hosting an Easter Basket Raffle over the next 2 weeks!

Tickets will be $1.00 each or $3.00 for 5 tickets!

There are 3 Easter Baskets to be won and they are filled with lots of wonderful surprises!  Tickets will be sold at First Nutrition Breaks in the Front Foyer. The draw will be Thursday, March 29th!  Thanks for your support and good luck to all participants!


Congratulations, Battle of the Books Champs!

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Ms. Elliott and Ms. Davis are excited to announce the Battle of the Books Champs from Thursday, March 8th!  Teams competed to determine who will represent DGH at the board level Battle of the Books competition.  The competition was intense and the questions challenging!  Thanks to all who competed.  We are always happy to see our kids reading.  Below you will find a few pictures from the “battles.”


Junior Champs

Beth S

Danika M

Madelyn B

Devon H


Intermediate Champs

Faith M

Emma L

Mackenzie M

Maddie R


Elmira Chicken Fundraiser Orders and $ Due Into School by April 4th

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Parents and guardians with students in grades 7 and 8, don’t forget that your kids are in the middle of the Elmira Chicken fundraiser.  All orders and money are due into the school by April 4th.  DGH community, if you would like to support the fundraiser, but don’t have a student to buy from, please contact the DHG office at 705-786-1915.

Intermediate Electives on Friday, March 23 and April 6

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Thank you, Ms. Graham, for again organizing Intermediate Electives!  Students had the opportunity to choose from cooking classes at Loblaws, bowling at the local bowling alley or rock climbing at the Boys and Girls Club.  This is a popular event each year and we appreciate Ms. Graham making it happen!  Electives take place on March 23 and April 6.

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