Jimmy Chapman is Back This Wednesday!

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Our Junior and Intermediate students are beginning their Jimmy Chapman sessions this Wednesday, February 21st.  They are definitely excited about this!  Each of our Junior and Intermediate classes will have 3 sessions with Jimmy (February 21st, 28th and March 21st).  We are asking each student pay $3 towards the cost of Jimmy’s sessions (with the Parent Council generously covering the other half of the cost).  Please wear clothing that will be comfortable when doing breakdancing moves!  It is going to be a ton of fun!

DGH’s Parent Council’s Sign Night on Tuesday, February 27th

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DGH community, do not forget that next Tuesday, February 27th is the Parent Council’s “Design Your Own Sign Night”!  While the Parent Council will make some money from the night ($15 from each participant’s fee goes to the Parent Council), the main purpose of the night is to have the chance for community members to get together for a relaxing and fun evening.


If you wish to participate in the evening, your payment and sign selection must be in tomorrow (Tuesday, February 20th).  The person running the evening needs the time in order to obtain the templates for the signs chosen.


All of the relevant information can be found in an earlier post which can be read by clicking here.


Thank you to Ms. Horton and the Parent Council for organizing this evening!

February 22nd – Dental Screening for JK, SK & Gd 2 Students

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Thank you to the Health Unit for conducting Dental Screenings for our students in JK, SK & grade 2.  Please click on the link below to view the information page that will have been sent home with students in these grades.  Please note that if you do not want your child to be screened, you need to call the Health Unit using the number provided.


Click here to view information handout.

DGH Olympic Closing Ceremonies Tomorrow

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DGH community, our Olympic Closing Ceremonies take place tomorrow during the 3rd block.  We will celebrate the physical activity and sportsmanship that has taken place over the course of the week.  This is a great way for our school to continue building its amazing community!


Thanks to Ms. Graham and the Olympic Organizing Committee for their efforts in organizing all of the activities!

Spirit Day: Jersey Day – Friday, February 23!

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Another favourite Spirit Day of the year is coming up soon: Jersey Day!  There are few things in life that will get students more excited and animated than talking about and wearing their favourite team’s jersey!


There are several students in the school who enjoy nothing more than wearing their team’s jersey just to bother me!  Jayden Lyver enjoys nothing more than finding me when she is wearing her Green Bay Packers jersey and Cam Ouellette cannot wait to find me in the hallway when he is wearing his beloved Montreal Canadiens jersey.


Of course, you do not have to wear a sports team jersey!  Many of our students belong to clubs or dirt bike and have jerseys from this.


Do not have a jersey?  Just wear a shirt with your favourite team’s logo or name!


Keep your spirit going, Huskies!



DGH’s Winter Olympics Photos

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DGH community, for those of you who check out our school’s posts only on our school website, check out our photos from our DGH Winter Olympics on the school Facebook page by clicking here.


We have uploaded lots of photos from our Winter Olympics!  Our kids had a great time!

DGH Olympic Activities Tomorrow!

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DGH community, don’t forget that tomorrow is our third day of Olympic activities!  Intermediate students (from Mr. Fournier’s class to Ms. Knot’s class) will be skating in the 1st block.  Junior students (from Mr. Fournier’s class to Mrs. Burns’ class) will be skating in the 2nd block.  All students will be participating in our Olympic events during the 3rd block.


Be sure to dress appropriately for the day.  It never hurts to pack extra clothing!


Students who are going skating MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

Pink Shirt Day – February 28th

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DGH community, we are asking students to wear a pink shirt (or as much pink as you can) on February 28th to show support for anti-bullying initiatives.


The focus for 2018’s Pink Shirt Day is Cyber-Bullying.  Bullying, whether physical, emotional or mental, affects so many – both young and old.  Cyber-bullying is particularly difficult because it can happen at almost anytime and so many of our kids are constantly using technology.


Break out the pink shirts for February 28th, DGH community!


Click here to learn more about Pink Shirt Day.



Family Day Holiday on Monday, February 19th

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DGH community, Monday, February 19th is Ontario’s Family Day Holiday.  We wish everyone the opportunity to enjoy the long weekend and extra family time together.  We hope the weather continues to be decent so that anyone who chooses to enjoy the outdoors may do so!  We will see everyone back at school on Tuesday, February 20th.

Report Card 1 Goes Home Friday, February 16th

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DGH parents and guardians, Report Card 1 goes home on Friday, February 16th.  Check those backpacks (because if your children are like mine, Report Cards are usually tucked away in the bottom)!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you contact your homeroom teacher directly.  We believe that regular communication between school and home helps to prevent and resolve issues.

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