Crazy Hair Day – Thursday, February 1st

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A reminder, DGH community, that this Thursday is our next Spirit Day: CRAZY HAIR DAY!  Perhaps the early 1980s and the “punk look” is to your liking.  Or, perhaps, the “big hair” of the mid to late-1980s is more your style.  Whether you check out some hair styles of the past or just try something outlandish on your own – make this Spirit Day happen!



LCVI Guidance Counsellors at DGH Tomorrow

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A reminder, grade 8 parents and guardians, that LCVI’s guidance counsellors will be at DGH tomorrow morning to help our grade 8s complete their grade 9 course selections.  Students will have completed their selections on paper and the guidance counsellors will guide them through the process of transferring their selections into the online system.  Please have your daughters and sons bring in their course option sheets.

PA Day on Friday, February 2nd

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DGH community, students will enjoy a long weekend this Friday, February 2nd.  While students will enjoy extra downtime, teachers will be working on report cards (which go home on Friday, February 16th).  We will see students back at school on Monday, February 5th.

Spirit Day – Crazy Hair Day on Thursday, February 1st

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This Spirit Day is not much of an issue for Mr. Parish (who is writing this post)!  Our Student Council has selected its next Spirit Day – Crazy Hair Day for Thursday, February 1st.  This is definitely a Spirit Day where we usually have outstanding participation and some extremely creative and impressive hair styles!  From colorful hair to spiked hair to “big” hair, this is a day where students re-create hair styles from the past.


Get creative, students, and start thinking about what your hair is going to look like!

Good Luck, Senior Boys Volleyball Team!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


The Senior Boys Volleyball Team, coached by Mr. Fournier, competes at their County Tournament on Monday, January 29th.  Mr. Fournier LOVES volleyball, so he is excited to see the team’s hard work pay off at the tournament!


Thank you to Fenelon Falls Secondary School for hosting the tournament (and their second County Volleyball Tournament!


Go, Huskies, Go!

Jimmy Chapman’s 1st Visit Is…Tomorrow!

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The dance moves and high energy activities are about to begin!  Jimmy Chapman and his breakdancing moves are back at DGH tomorrow for:

Mrs. McGregor’s and Ms. Wilson’s,

Ms. Arscott’s and Ms. Horton’s,

Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s,

Mrs. Little’s/Mrs. Graham-Hamer’s,

Ms. Armitage’s,

Ms. Davis’, and

Mr. Fourniter’s classes.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and running shoes, if possible.


Don’t forget that we are asking students to pay $3 towards the cost of Jimmy coming to our school (with the Parent Council paying the other half of the cost).


DGH Olympics!

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The DGH Olympic Organizing Committee is excited to announce Olympic activities between February 9th and 16th!  In recognition of the Winter Olympic Games being held in South Korea this year, DGH is offering its students the opportunity to participate in winter events.


The letter sent home with students can be viewed by clicking here..


Important Information

Students will be organized and participate in various countries from around the world.

Opening Ceremonies are on Friday, February 9th during the 3rd block.

Events will be held on Monday, February 12th, Tuesday, February 13th and Thursday, February 15th during the 3rd block.

Closing Ceremonies are on Friday, February 16th during the 3rd block.

Potential activities include: ball hockey, fill garbage can with snow, biathlon, crazy carpet relay, land skis, bobsled, obstacle course and tug of war.


• Grade 1 to 8 students have the opportunity to go skating at the Little Britain Community Centre (dates for classes are on the letter sent home or can be obtained by clicking on the link above).  Kindergarten students have already scheduled skating at the Community  Centre.

• We are asking that students donate $1 to cover the cost of skating.  This can be given to their homeroom teacher.


We are excited and looking forward to the DGH Olympic Games!




Mixed Junior Volleyball Team Success!

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Congratulations to the DGH Junior Mixed Volleyball Team for its success at this week’s County tournament.  On Monday, January 15th, the Junior Mixed Volleyball Team travelled to Fenelon Falls Secondary School for the County tournament.  They played 8 undefeated games and made it into the semi-finals.  They worked hard and showed great sportsmanship throughout the day.  Mrs. Little and Ms. Davis are so proud of their accomplishments and perseverance.


Our Junior Mixed Volleyball team is:

(front row, left to right) Jacob P, Kalvin S, Braxton M, Keira R and Tannis R

(back row, left to right) Allana L, Hunter V, Barok P, Beth S and Delcia R


Thank you to Mrs. Little and Ms. Davis for all of their hard work in coaching.


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