DGH’s Christmas Shoppe Needs Your Help!

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DGH’s Christmas Shoppe is one of the highlights of the year for our younger students!  For those who are new to the DGH community, the Christmas Shoppe is an opportunity for students, for a $2 donation, to purchase donated “gently used items” for immediate family members.


Please click here for a copy of the letter that went home last week.


This year’s Christmas Shoppe takes place on Thursday, December 21st.


How can you help?  Simply donate gently used items to the school.  You can send items in with your kid(s) to the school, or you can bring them in yourself if you have lots to donate.  The sky is the limit in terms of what is donated and this is a great time to empty out the closets that contain items which haven’t been used in years!


The Christmas Shoppe is often in need of:

  • gifts suitable for fathers and older brothers
  • mugs (the elves fill these and use them as fathers’ gifts)
  • gift bags, tissue and tape (gift bags are extremely helpful to speed the wrapping process)


We thank you in advance for any support that you are able to provide!