Principal’s Message for November

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The school year certainly feels like it has hit full speed now!  Many different activities took place or began during October and November is equally as busy.  By the time November ends (and the month will pass quickly), the Christmas Holiday will be sneaking up on us.  DGH community, our Huskies have done much to make us proud!  All of the things happening help to make our school an amazing place to be!


October’s Celebrations

• our Junior Mixed, Senior Girls and Senior Boys teams competed at their respective County tournaments.  The level of competition is extremely high in the pool in which DGH has been placed, but our teams did well.  As we often comment, our number one priority is that our teams be excellent representatives for our school and there is no question that they did that!  All of our coaches commented on their team’s sportsmanship.  While there are no championship or finalists banners coming to DGH from soccer this year, each of the teams had its share of success on the field.  Students, we appreciate your efforts!  Coaches, we appreciate your commitment to providing a great experience for our students.


As well, DGH hosted half of the the “AA” and all of the “A” Soccer Tournaments.  Mrs. Graham helped setup and organize both tournaments at DGH and she convened the “A” tournament.  Mrs. Gregory, from Mariposa, helped setup and organize the “other half of the AA” tournament.  Thank you, Mrs. Gregory and Ms. Graham.


• Mrs. Burns starting her Junior Dodgeball tournament.  To say that this intramural is popular would be an understatement!  There will be a post going out to the website in a few days and it isn’t hard to see the smiles on students’ faces.  Intramurals are all about fun, participation and being active.  Good job to the many, many students who have signed up to be part of a team and to participate.  Thank you, Mrs. Burns, for organizing!


• a very successful Little Caesars Parent Council Fundraiser!  Mr. Boudreault (Parent Council Co-Chair) commented that it was one of the more successful fundraisers (in recent years).  He appreciates all those who were able to support the fundraiser.  Your support of the Parent Council allows it to support the our school’s students.


• Ms. Cayley, Ms. Davis and Mrs. Little (Loper) offering Intermediate students the opportunity to come in before school (and I believe at recess) on certain days to practise an instrument.  Giving our musically interested or inclined students the opportunity to practise is appreciated.  One of the great joys in a school is hearing a student hit the correct note or play their few first seconds of music; seeing the smile break across their face is equally amazing!


November Will See

• the Volleyball season begin to get underway.  With the end of Soccer, Volleyball coaches will be beginning try-outs and picking their respective teams.  County Volleyball Tournaments take place in mid-January.  While that seems an awful long time away, it will be Christmas Holidays in no time and the tournaments happen soon after!  We have several extremely eager, excited and talented volleyball coaches who are ready to go!


• the Parent Council’s Poinsettia Fundraiser begin on November 6th.  This has been another successful fundraiser for our school.  It’s practical (many people purchase Poinsettias) and the quality of the flowers has been quite good in previous years.  All profits, as always, go right back into supporting students.  Fundraising dollars have been used, in the past, to purchase everything from uniforms to technology for the classroom.  The fundraiser begins on November 6th, forms and money are due into the office on Friday, November 17th and the delivery is slated for December 1st.


• 2 Spirit Days!  DGH’s Student Council is quite an active one!  One of the events they love organizing are Spirit Days!  Twin Day takes place on November 3rd.  Duct Tape Day takes place on November 17th.  Twin Day has been done before and is usually very popular!  Matching clothing tends to be the order of the day!  Duct Tape Day, I believe, is a new one for DGH.  We are not entirely sure what to expect, but I am guessing that clothing made duct tape is more than a little likely!  Given how creative our students are, we are hoping for great things!


• our grades 6 to 8 students are heading off to the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair on Thursday, November 9th.  This trip has happened in past years and is a great one considering our school is in agricultural area.  There is something for everyone at the Agricultural Fair.  Thank you, Ms. Graham, for organizing.


• students from Mr. Fournier’s, Ms. Anckaert’s, Ms. Phendler’s, Mrs. Burns’, Ms. Prins’, Ms. Graham’s, Ms. Elliot’s and Ms. Knot’s classes heading off to see the movie “Wonder”.  Based on a popular book, the movie has an important message about acceptance.  Many classes have been involved in activities using the book.  This should be a great trip for the students involved!