Congratulations, Mrs. Adams!

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The end of the 2016-2017 school year brings any number of celebrations.  While students celebrate the end of the school year and the arrival of the summer holidays, the DGH community will also be recognizing a celebration for Mrs. Adams: her retirement!


After 42 years in education (yes, 42 years!), Mrs. Adams will finally be putting away the chalk holder (well, actually the SmartBoard pen!) and banging the chalk brushes (well, actually the SmartBoard digital eraser) for the last time.  Mrs. Adams’ is definitely excited about her retirement; however, she will miss the connection with her students and the school.  Those that have had a child go through her class know what an extraordinary educator she is.  Few teachers will ever know more about their students than Mrs. Adams.  A simple question about a student will result in a voluminous amount of data and information being shared – with this knowledge always being used to move a student’s learning forward.  Mrs. Adams “owned” her class and always wanted the best for them.  Long hours at her craft have been the norm throughout her career.


Few teachers will have quite the varied career she has had either.  Mrs. Adams (and her husband – a teacher and principal) spent years in Canada’s far north.  Polar bears walking in the community and around the school weren’t unusual (and didn’t phase community members in the least!).  Travel in the area was often by snowmobile; Mrs. Adams sometimes even flew between communities as one of the few (perhaps only) Special Education Resource Teachers in the region.


Truly, Mrs. Adams has positively impacted hundreds of students over her career.  On behalf of those students, parents and schools, Mrs. Adams, please let me thank you (Mr. Parish is writing this post).  We wish you all the best with your family (husband, 2 children and now grandchildren!).