Ms. Adams’ and Ms. Phendler’s Classes Visit Settlers’ Village on Tuesday, June 6th

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Mrs. Adams and Ms. Phendler are excited about their classes visiting Bobcaygeon’s Settlers’ Village on June 6th.  This attraction has many great features.  One of those is that it is a fairly small setting, which means it isn’t nearly as busy as other similar attractions.  Students have the opportunity to learn (and often make) about butter, spinning wool, grinding wheat, baking and washing clothes.  It doesn’t get any more hands-on than that!


It is probably safe to say that our students will have a far greater appreciation for the sheer labour involved in being a pioneer in the 1800s!  Churning butter sounds like fun until you have been doing it for 15 minutes and you realize you aren’t even close to being finished!


Enjoy yourselves!