Team and Club Photo Day on Tuesday, May 9th

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DGH’s students are heavily involved in many teams and clubs each school year.  On Tuesday, May 9th, our clubs and teams will have their photos taken in preparation for this year’s Yearbook.  Bring your best smile on Tuesday, students!  Thanks to Ms. Cayley for organizing  (she is already deeply involved in this year’s Yearbook).

Heart and Stroke Pledge Envelopes and $ Due Tomorrow

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DGH community, Heart and Stroke Pledge Envelopes and $ are due into the school tomorrow.  Ms. McColl will be busy with final organization once the envelopes are all in.  We are looking forward to events and activities on Friday, May 12th – it will be a great day!

Star Wars Spirit at DGH!

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It is GREAT to see the Star Wars Spirit at DGH!  Thank you so much, students, for your participation.  A special shout out to these ladies who outdid themselves!  Thanks for the effort, ladies!

DGH’s Skipping Team Competes at County on May 4th

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Go, Huskies, Go!


DGH’s Skipping Team has been practising for the past several months and heads off to compete at the County competition on Thursday, May 4th.  The Skipping Team is one of DGH’s largest with students from Primary to Intermediate joining.  Along with different age groups, there are a wide range of categories – with DGH normally participating in all of them.


Thanks to Ms. Arscott, Ms. Horton and Ms. Anckaert for coaching the team this year.  Practices for skipping are intense and last for months!


Go, Huskies, Go!


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DGH community, check out the impressive efforts of our DGH Cheerleading team who performed in front of the school during our Music Monday Assembly.


The photos are posted on our DGH Facebook page.


While the team makes it look easy, the reality is that the team, under the coaching of Ms. Arscott, has been hard at work for months!  This is a passion for Ms. Arscott and it shows in the results.  The kids on the team enjoy the challenge and are learning lots.  The team is aiming to perform at competition at Wonderland in approximately a month.

Music Monday was a HUGE Success!

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Thank you, Ms. Cayley, for an absolutely outstanding Music Monday (which took place this past Monday).  All of our students participated in a variety of stations over the course of the 2nd and 3rd Blocks – each involving either music, movement or a combination of both!  There was a little bit of something for everyone during the day.  Students definitely enjoyed themselves and it was the perfect way to ease into the week.


Check out our school’s Facebook page for a photo album of the day’s activities (“Music Monday”).


Students in the Primary division were involved in:

• rhythm band instruments

• Drumfit

• Yoga

• Just Dance

• Jigga Jump

• Skipping


Students in the Junior and Intermediate divisions were involved in:

• Karaoke

• Badminton, skipping and hula hoops

• Drama games

• Percussion instruments

• Percussion drumming

• Hand clapping activities


As mentioned in a previous post, the purpose of Music Monday was to encourage an appreciation of music across Canada (and the world).

May the Fourth Be With You Spirit Day!

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“The Force is strong in that school…”


Don’t forget that this Thursday, May 4th is our next Spirit Day – Star Wars Day!  If you have any Star Wars clothing, this would be the day to wear it.


“Do or do not, there is no try,” quoth Yoda.



DGH’s Senior Golf Team is Practising Already!

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You know spring is well under way when Ms. Graham has DGH’s Senior Golf Team out practising and trying out for the team.  The photos below are from last Friday.  Yes, the occasional chunk of turf does going flying into the air; however, many of our students are pretty decent golfers already!


As always we appreciate Ms. Graham coaching the team and that our students are willing to put in the time and effort to try out for the team.



Spirit Day This Friday – Crazy Hair Day!

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Our Student Council is keeping us busy lately with Spirit Days!  This Friday’s Spirit Day is CRAZY HAIR DAY!  This is one of our students’ favourites.  We have a lot of students with fairly long to long hair – so we are looking forward to some serious creativity on Friday!


Students – get creative and get going!  Let’s see what you can do for this Friday!

Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Day Success!

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Thank you, Student Council, for 2 successful activities last Friday, April 28th: the Neon Spirit Day and the Loonie Line Assembly.


The Loonie Line Assembly is run by the Student Council to celebrate the many charities DGH supports over the course of the school year.  Over the course of this year, DGH has raised money and/or supported:

• the Terry Fox Foundation

• the Heart and Stroke Foundation

• the Diabetes Association (through our “I Give A Shirt Challenge” which is currently running)

• the purchase of a goat, farming equipment and fresh water for 3rd world families

• our local food banks


Over the course of the year, DGH provides an INCREDIBLE amount of support to others who are less unfortunate.  This all begins with YOU – the people reading this post.  DGH appreciates the financial and other support you provide!  DGH’s Student Council is involved in the Me to We campaign each year; in order to be involved they must commit to supporting local and international charities.


Our Neon Spirit Day was a colourful success, to say the least!  As you can tell by the rather bright colours evident in this post’s picture, many, many students showed great school spirit!  We love seeing this!

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