Good Luck, Cheerleading Team on Saturday!

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DGH’s Cheerleading Team, coached by Ms. Arscott, is headed off to Canada’s Wonderland this Saturday, May 27th to compete.  They achieved considerable success in this competition last year and are definitely again ready!  They have been practising for months now – with team members giving up lots of time in order to hone their skills.  We wish good luck to the team!  We know that they will be wonderful representatives of our school!

Spirit Day Tuesday, May 30th – Jersey Day!

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Okay – we know that DGH just had a Spirit Day (Western Day last Friday); however, our grades 6 to 8 students are headed off to a Blue Jays game on Wednesday, May 31st.


To celebrate the trip we are asking students to break out their jerseys for Tuesday, May 30th!  If you have a Blue Jays jersey – that’s great!  But, it really doesn’t matter what the team jersey is!  Baseball, hockey, football or soccer (to name a few) – it doesn’t matter the sport – just wear the jersey!  Many of our students belong to sports teams, so this is a great reason to wear the jersey and show your team pride!


Let’s make DGH a sea of jerseys on Tuesday!

Spirit Day TOMORROW – Western Day!

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Got your jean, cowboy hat, cowboy boots and plain shirt ready for tomorrow?  Don’t forget that tomorrow is DGH’s Western Spirit Day!  DGH’s students have done an extraordinary job over the past several Spirit Days – so let’s keep the school spirit going!

DGH’s Grade 8s Visit LCVI on Monday, May 29th

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Our grade 8s will be visiting LCVI this coming Monday, May 29th in the afternoon – even more evidence that their time at DGH is drawing to a close!  This is an opportunity for our grade 8s to check out their soon to be high school.  Some of our students have older siblings who have attended LCVI; however, for some of our students this will be their first time visiting the high school.  Students will find out a little bit about high school works, tour the school and meet some of the staff.  It is meant to be a low key event, helping to reduce some of the stress that comes from leaving elementary school and heading off to high school.

Spirit Day This Friday – Western Day!

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Our ever busy Student Council has its next Spirit Day slated for this Friday – Western Day!  Get creative students!  This is one day where cowboy hats and cowboy boots will be very, very popular!  Of course, Western Day should also mean lots of denim and vests and I am sure our more enterprising students will outdo themselves (as always!).


Keep the spirit going, DGH!   Make this another outstanding Spirit Day!

Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser – Order Forms and $ Due Into School This Friday

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DGH community, don’t forget that the Parent Council’s Little Caesars Fundraiser ends this Friday.  We are asking that all order forms and money be returned to the school on that date.


Why support the Parent Council’s fundraiser?  All of the profits go directly back into supporting students and the school.  Over the years the Parent Council has purchased a wide variety of items for our school.  From the tent that we use for sports days (e.g., Cross-Country Run, County Track and Field Days), to the new sports uniforms are students are wearing, to the hydration stations in both the Junior/Intermediate and now Primary ends of the building, to technology in the classroom – the Parent Council has contributed a great deal to DGH!


Little Caesars has been a successful fundraiser for our school!  The convenience of the product makes it hard to beat!

EQAO Begins Today!

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DGH community, our grade 3s and 6s will be writing EQAO on:


• Tuesday, May 23rd,

• Wednesday, May 24th, and

• Thursday, May 25th.


Friday, May 26th is a “catch-up day”.  Students will be writing 3 days next week, as well.


Our grade 3s write in the 1st Block (9:00 am to 10:40 am) and our grade 6s in the 2nd block (11:25 am to 1:05 pm).  Staff have been working hard to have our students prepared and our students are ready to go!


As always, we ask that you try to avoid absences and appointments during EQAO writing times (if your child is in grades 3 or 6).

Little Caesars Orders Due Next Friday, May 26th

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A reminder, DGH community, that Little Caesars orders and money are due into the school on Friday, May 26th.  As always, profits from the fundraiser are used to support students and our school.  If you would like to support the fundraiser (but don’t have a student to order from), please contact the school at 705-786-1915.


Being able to pull out a Little Caesars product from the freezer and pop it in the oven for a quick and easy meal is always a good thing during the all too busy summer months!


Thanks to Mr. Boudreault and the Parent Council for running this fundraiser!

EQAO Begins on Tuesday, May 23rd

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DGH community (and particularly for our grade 3 and 6 students’ parents), a reminder that our grade 3 and 6 students will be writing EQAO beginning this Tuesday, May 23rd.


• grade 3 students write during the 1st Block on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week

• grade 6 students write during the 2nd Block on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week


How Can Parents and Guardians Help their Child(ren)?

• getting a good night’s sleep is always helpful

• eating a good breakfast each morning helps fuel your child for the morning

• try not to create too much stress or anxiety around the test (we absolutely want our students to do his/her best; however, we do not want our students overly stressed about it either)



Victoria Day Holiday – “We Are Not Amused” – Monday, May 22nd

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DGH community, we hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy some downtime during the Victoria Day Holiday on Monday, May 22nd.  Enjoy the long weekend, students!


Of course, being the History person that I am (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), I would encourage you to take a moment to consider the person for whom the holiday is named – that being Queen Victoria.  Queen Victoria has a bit of a reputation for being a bit on the boring side.  She is often said to have uttered the famous phrase “We are not amused.”  However, she probably didn’t say this.  Moreover, Queen Victoria is reported to have had a great sense of humour!  She just did not show it in public because she did not want to make the monarchy seem frivolous.


Go on!  Don’t be fooled by the serious picture on this post.  Read a bit more about England’s 2nd longest serving monarch (Queen Elizabeth II recently surpassed Queen Victoria in this category).

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