Change to Grade 3 EQAO “Writing”” Day

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Parents and guardians of grade 3 students, we are making one change to our EQAO “writing” days this week:


• instead of completing EQAO on Wednesday, May 31st, grade 3s will be completing EQAO on Thursday, June 1st.  Students will be working on (and finishing) Math Part 2 on the Thursday.  Grade 3s will work on EQAO on Monday, May 29th and Tuesday, May 30th as originally planned.


We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to parents and guardians.  Hopefully this will not impact too many families.


Monday, June 5th will remain the final EQAO “catch-up” day.  All EQAO materials will be bundled up and returned after June 5th.