Loonie Line Assembly and Neon Day Success!

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Thank you, Student Council, for 2 successful activities last Friday, April 28th: the Neon Spirit Day and the Loonie Line Assembly.


The Loonie Line Assembly is run by the Student Council to celebrate the many charities DGH supports over the course of the school year.  Over the course of this year, DGH has raised money and/or supported:

• the Terry Fox Foundation

• the Heart and Stroke Foundation

• the Diabetes Association (through our “I Give A Shirt Challenge” which is currently running)

• the purchase of a goat, farming equipment and fresh water for 3rd world families

• our local food banks


Over the course of the year, DGH provides an INCREDIBLE amount of support to others who are less unfortunate.  This all begins with YOU – the people reading this post.  DGH appreciates the financial and other support you provide!  DGH’s Student Council is involved in the Me to We campaign each year; in order to be involved they must commit to supporting local and international charities.


Our Neon Spirit Day was a colourful success, to say the least!  As you can tell by the rather bright colours evident in this post’s picture, many, many students showed great school spirit!  We love seeing this!