DGH’s Peace Garden

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With all the rain (and snow), the garden is ready to get blooming!

As with every Spring, there is quite a bit of preparation needed in the Peace Garden so the plants have the space and sunshine they need to get a good start.

After a short meeting on Monday April 10th, we found that Mondays after school for an hour was the best time for everyone to garden.   We also felt that, beginning this Thursday, morning recess was best for gardening as it did not interfere with other activities.

I certainly look forward to a great time getting the garden into good condition to be a welcoming place for students and members of the community.

Many thanks to returning DGH Gardeners Joanne, Melanie and Shelby.  We welcome students to come and help in the garden when there is supervision.

Let’s all remember that the Peace Garden is a place for quiet time with classmates.  The flowers are there for the bees and birds, not to be picked.

Welcome Spring!

Ms. Jewell