Spirit Day – Star Wars Day on May 4th!

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May the Fourth Be With You!


While I like all of our Spirit Days (it is Mr. Parish writing this post), I LOVE this Spirit Day each year: Star Wars Day on May 4th!  This year’s celebration is even more special as this is the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars!


Students – it is time to break out the Star Wars clothing!  Yoda, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Rey, or Kylo Ren – it doesn’t matter who your favourite characters are, show your support!

Don’t Forget About the Loonie Line Assembly this Friday!

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DGH community, don’t forget that our Student Council is planning its Loonie Line Assembly this Friday in the 3rd Block.  The Loonie Line Assembly encourages students to donate change.  This change is used to support charities through “Me to We”.  ALL of the money donated goes to these charities.


Let’s see how long we can make the line, DGH!

Neon Colour Day on April 28th

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Don’t forget that our next Spirit Day takes place this Friday, April 28th – NEON COLOUR DAY!  Think of the brightest colours you can and you are in the wonderful world of neon (and probably back into 1980s fashion!).


Let’s make the school a brighter place this Friday!

I Give a Shirt Challenge is On, DGH!

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DGH community, don’t forget that our “I Give a Shirt Challenge is On!”  This is a great opportunity for our students to help out others in our local area.  Do you have clean shirts that are still in decent condition, but that no longer fit family members?  Send them into the school and they will be collected for the challenge.  These shirts find a new home (and life) with other students – which is a wonderful thing.  As well, it will keep the shirts out of the local landfills – which helps to extend the life our landfills.


While it is tough to part with favourite pieces of clothing, you will be doing a great thing for the environment!  As a parent writing this post (this is Mr. Parish writing), I can honestly say that my wife and I eventually realized that we could only keep a VERY LIMITED amount of “favourite shirts” because we soon had way too much of our kids’ clothing in the house!!!


Let’s see what we can collect, DGH community!

Neon Colour Day on April 28!

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Ahhhhh…neon coloured clothing!  For those members of our DGH community who were old enough in the 1980s, neon coloured clothing was oh so popular!  Looking back at this fashion trend, most of us are now not so sure what we were thinking!


Bright.  Bold.  Eye-catching.  All words to describe those vibrant colours!


DGH students, break out those neon colours for Friday, April 28th.  The brighter and more colourful the better!


Given the talent level of our students in participating in Spirit Days, we are looking forward to seeing your creativity this time.

Loonie Line Assembly on Friday, April 28th!

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On April 28, 2017, DGH will be having our annual Neon Loonie Line Assembly. We will celebrate the contributions of DGH to our local community and to the global community. DGH students are caring citizens who provide a helping hand for others.  


On April 28th, please wear your fantastic, bright NEON colours!

Bring your toonies, loonies, quarters, dimes and nickels to tape on the Loonie Line!

We will be donating our proceeds to WE Charity, an international charity of children helping children.  


DGH – let’s keep showing our school spirit!  Contribute what change you can to the Loonie Line Assembly and break out those NEON colours!

I Give a Shirt Challenge – Begins Monday, April 24

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DGH community, the CHALLENGE is on!  Ms. Cayley and the Student Council team have organized a “I Give a Shirt Challenge!”


DGH will be celebrating and raising awareness around Earth Day, which is April 22, 2017. You have an opportunity to make a difference in our community, through our campaign, “I Give a Shirt”, introduced by the Recycling Council of Ontario. To help save our environment and reduce the amount of clothing and textile waste that ends up in our landfills, we will be holding a clothing drive for clean, gently used clothing, During the week of April 24-28, please drop off bags of clothing at our school. This clothing will be donated to the Diabetes Association. Let’s see how many textiles we can save from landfills!


Why is this such a great activity?


• Others benefit from the shirts that are donated.  If you have outgrown a favourite shirt, donating it so that others can use it is a wonderful thing!


• It keeps clothing out of the local landfill.  Each year an incredible amount of useable clothing goes into landfills.  Passing clothing onto others benefits the environment!



DGH Clothing Orders Due Into School Friday, April 21

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For those interested in ordering DGH clothing orders, do not forget that orders are due into the school this Friday, April 21st.  Sample sizes are available in the school’s office.  Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Taylor or Mrs. Starr at 705-786-1915.  It’s always great to see students wearing our school’s logo!

Fun at the Cardboard Boat Races Today!

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Our Girls and Boys teams at the Cardboard Boat races also achieved success today!  The Boys’ team placed 3rd, with a creatively and effectively designed boat!  Ms. Cayley was impressed with our Huskies’ politeness and sportsmanship throughout the day.  It is ALWAYS a wonderful thing to hear about our students’ great behaviour.  As you can see from the photos, the girls and boys had no fear about getting into their boats.


Thanks for taking the teams, Ms. Cayley.  Thanks to our students for participating and being great ambassadors for the school!



2nd Place at County! Congrats Senior Girls Basketball Team!

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Go, Huskies, Go!


Our Senior Girls Basketball Team placed second at the County Championships today!  Our Huskies won their games against Rolling Hills, Langton and Fenelon Township in the round-robin portion of the tournament.  They then played Dunsford in the semi-finals and won in a hard-fought battle – making it onto the championship game.  The played Central in the championship game and lost 24 to 19.  It was a tight game that could have gone either way.  Mr. Hetherington couldn’t be happier with how the girls played all season!  Congratulations on the outstanding season, ladies!


Go, Huskies, Go!

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