Autism Awareness Day – Break out the Blue!

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Break out your blue clothes for Monday, April 3rd.  DGH is recognizing World Autism Awareness day on Monday, April 3rd.  People, organizations and countries around the world will be showing their recognition and awareness of Autism by wearing blue, installing blue lights and just generally discussing Autism.


Take a moment to check out the diagram included with this post.  This includes many of the things you might notice in a person diagnosed with Autism.  Remember – these are not negative things!  Also remember that Autism is truly “spectrum” disorder.  Like everyone else in the world, no two Autistic individuals are the same.


It is also important that to recognize and realize that many of the skills most of us take for granted are often skills that an Autistic person will likely struggle with.  A typical example would be social skills.  Autistic people may not read a social situation correctly.  How can you help?  Show empathy and understanding!  Celebrate our differences.